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  1. I like the gray and red better.....just my opinion
  2. That Nashville goal was nice...glad we got the win!!
  3. For real been waiting for official announcement! Lol I remember when I was a teen and looked like a complete idiot with braces
  4. My theory is Falcons don't have a consistent record of being a great team. But then again neither do college football teams. So who knows.... All I know is the city went nuts when Atlanta was going to the super bowl the potential is there.
  5. United broke records for attendance and sold out games last season.....One could argue they have already passed the Falcons in popularity in Atlanta. Or it might just be that you don't need PSL for season tickets with Atlanta United
  6. One of the greatest songs ever....should make it a chant lol
  7. Ugh two teams with some RICH history...Aston Villa's downfall was being bought by the owner of the Cleveland Browns :facepalm: poor coaching and a bad owner who doesn't invest is a bad mix. But we are on the upside right now.
  8. Obvious tribute to Matt Ryan
  9. Oh ok gotcha! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. **** I didn't know they did hold outs in soccer! Good move! So they want 70% upfront of the 13 million?
  11. Idk if Barco is happening....22 million counter offer??
  12. That's awesome! I need to get my jerseys customized asap
  13. I need a therapist after that saints game....