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  1. This came out of nowhere....I thought for sure we were going south American route no matter what...then all of a sudden Puyol who has no coaching experience. Now De Boer? I didnt think we were going the Europe route. I'm conflicted. I hope we keep bringing in young south American talent
  2. Kennesaw??? What stadium in Kennesaw? Oh my lord...this is payback for the highschoolers
  3. I wish England would adopt VAR....Aston Villa tied against WBA because one of their players handballed in the net and the linesman was a coward and didnt call it.
  4. Lol the "this is Atlanta" moment came when Josef got tackled hard in the box and no penalty was given. And no VAR review.
  5. Who's the better coach? I dont keep up south America much
  6. Relegation/Promotion adds a whole entire level of stress to every single game it's not even funny.
  7. Some people were saying they didnt celebrate because they didnt know if it was gonna be called back lol if I see the ball hit that net I'm chucking beer lol
  8. This brings a huge smile to my face
  9. This is interesting....I'm a diehard Atlanta everything. It's hard to explain my love for both teams...basically Falcons got put in the back seat after riding shotgun for so many years. Reasons for that is simple. Superbowl 51 and United winning the MLS cup. United winning it all makes them hot because it's been 23 years since the city has experienced that. Especially with the ugly rep that Atlanta has of being chokers. Falcons losing doesn't put a smile on my face it just doesn't affect me at all now....because United has a Championship. It numbs the pain. I totally agree the fan base should not bash each other especially if we are all from the A. I wonder how Blank has to deal with all this?
  10. Oh man I remember reading a long *** time ago. To be fair tho I dont think anyone was expecting this. I signed up for season tickets before we even signed a player only because I enjoy soccer. I never would have thought there would be a huge waitlist for season tickets two years in ...
  11. Let's Go!! Keep this hype train going! Heredia or whatever is no joke tho. Costa Ricans can ball.
  12. Lmao I shouldn't have laughed at my Falcons like that but I did.
  13. WE DID IT!!!!! WE FINALLY DID IT!!!!
  14. Is anyone else nervous as ****....I would not be nervous but its Atlanta....1996 curse...28-3.....I feel like puking just thinking about the final
  15. AF89 dropping knowledge