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  1. Has absolutely nothing to do with Atlanta United but the promotion championship final is about to start.... Aston Villa vs Fulham I'm a nervous wreck right now
  2. Absolute great friend gave the fun fact that Orlando has never beat Atlanta which makes that win so much more satisfying!!
  3. Vancouver acting like some idiots at the end smh
  4. Why? Too much investment to yank and replant?
  5. Had no idea what they were taking about
  6. They were talking about removing hedges from uga stadium to push 96k
  7. Jus got home from the game....I have no voice...that crowd was intense..If any of you haven't been you HAVE to go.
  8. Game day! I guess no open roof?? Lol
  9. If it's Barcelona I'll regret not buying tickets
  10. I have never cared about MLS vs MX but now......after we got a team?? MLS > MX all day
  11. I agree with everything you said. Oh my goodness that loss was ugly. Whole team looked off. Now I'm absolutely terrified of DC United. Hopefully the crowd makes a difference.
  12. I'm goonna go ahead and say Tata started this with that disgusting line up.
  13. What happened???? NOOOOOOOOOOO it's over just forfeit the season bro
  14. I like the gray and red better.....just my opinion
  15. That Nashville goal was nice...glad we got the win!!