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  1. as good as ever. odds are we're not gonna see anything new in the playoffs, it's all probably gonna be stuff we've already been against. there's blueprints to beat each team in the league. if we can execute like we know how, on offense, sustain drives, convert 3rd downs, pound the ball in, make a few big plays, and defensively we can apply pressure with the front 4, force a turnover or two per game, continue to prevent the big plays, i see no reason why we shouldn't beat any team we face on our way to a super bowl. and having home field advantage is just icing on the cake
  2. nike will probably update the styles of nfl jerseys in 2012, but you're still going to see a lot of the current reebok style jerseys for 2-3 years after that. i'd say that's usually the amount of time it takes for most people to have the newer jerseys. granted, there may be fake "authentic" jerseys on ebay of the nike brand once they're released, but i still doubt it'll be too bad. if i were you, i'd say splurge and get one now. depending on who you want, there are sales on certain sites right now. if you're looking for a matt ryan jersey, eastbay has nearly $100 off sales for some of their j
  3. the two #1 seeds having the best odds to make the super bowl? seems about right
  4. we had an awesome season, saints had a pretty solid one as well, i think theyll be back in atlanta in 2 weeks after they beat the seahawks and the eagles beat the packers, which would be great. it'd be nice to right all 3 of our losses this year by beating the saints in the divisional round, eagles in the nfc title game, and steelers in the SB. either way, we get a week off, time to relax a bit and i guess talk some trash, worst of luck to the saints this weekend, the sooner they're out the better :P
  5. the seahawks game today was probably our last road game for about a month and a half, and of course that's me being hopeful and reasonable saying we make the superbowl. home vs the saints, home vs the panthers, as long as we win 1 of those 2, we get homefield throughout, so then there's the bye week, then 2 home games, a week off, and the super bowl.
  6. looking at all the posts after the article in response to it doubting the falcons, saying matt ryan is a bust, he's got no arm, our schedule is gonna kick our ***. lol. feels good man
  7. as long as they can keep everyone healthy and come out of there with a win, i'm happy. 3-0 or 103-0, either one works. if it does happen to start becoming a blowout i hope the seahawks would have enough respect for the league and for us, and dignity for themselves to not try any cheap shots on anyone. i'm thinking 34-14 as a final, but we'll see
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