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  1. That sounds perfect to me. Don't think dropping the situation is helpful. We tell these kids parents that we will take care of them while at school and they make a mistake... A large mistake that I am NOT an advocate of in any way, but if it's a family you just don't dismiss them at the first offense if and that's a big if the kids show remorse and a willingness to change their behavior to work within the family unit. Also, the offense has to be something that the family can accept them back for after punishment and hard work. I'd like to see positive results come from this situation and it's not just bc this makes our secondary thin. I just think Sanders is a good young man that got caught up
  2. From the rumor of them being allowed back on the team possibly is they didn't do the actual stealing. They knew Sanford had stolen and didn't tell.
  3. Someone please tell me that this so called rumor of Chris Sanders getting a second chance is true! As I stated in the recruiting thread, I really like this kid and he just comes off as truly a good kid and I just want to keep those that want to be Dawgs as Dawgs if it's at all possible
  4. Honestly, it's a sad situation. Can't get anymore low down than stealing from a friend. Wonder who it was they stole from and how they got caught
  5. I would say with more consistency in play on the field and the offices pockets loosening up a little to expand on more than just the stadium but facilities too
  6. I'm not too sure what you're talking about could you please elaborate?
  7. Anybody have a link to watch the SEC Storied: Herschel Walker? I'm trying to watch it all the way through bc I havent
  8. So I'm sitting in my bathroom with the shower going trying to loosen the mucus in my nostrils that I sincerely believe was passed to me by my daughter and I'm thinking... We're winning games yet dropping in the polls bc of a so called strength of schedule issue right? Okay, so if our schedule is so weak why is it that Boise lost and remained in the top 10? I'll answer, because Georgia is winning! We are their toughest opponent and them beating us put them concretely in the top 10 after losing to a team they had no business losing to! All this and we continue to bang out win after win! We just beat a top 25 team and dropped a spot to a team that beat an unranked opponent. It's not enough to win in college football, you gotta be popular too! Call it what it is NCAA... A vote for the prom queen bc that's exactly what this is! I'm off my soapbox and back to the edge of the tub letting the steam clear my passages(hopefully)
  9. Thanks Sac, well with that done... I'm headed for leftovers, lol
  10. This isn't directly Georgia related news but it would affect us. I see a thread on 247 about Kirby and Ole Miss. Anybody know if that's what the new talk is and if so then I guess Nkemdiche really will look at Ole Miss as a suiter then huh, lol.
  11. Honestly if Rambo comes back I think it'll be a mistake. No way should he come back after a year like this. I don't think his stock can get any higher than where it is and personally believe he's played outstanding this season! I was one that second guessed his play and wondered if the backups were that bad that we needed to have Rambo starting. He's MUCH improved and I think that shop sails to the NFL!
  12. What happened to this kid? I'm extremely disappointed. I thought for sure when we recruited him that he'd be a stud. OK recruited him pretty hard and everything. Just really surprised at how this has turned out
  13. Anybody care to share a few comments from Ken Malcome's Q&A from 247?
  14. Hook me up then homie