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  1. according you i guess none we all have different moral compasses
  2. I don't think the F/O will go for it he has some Moral Character issuers and we dont need that
  3. This year was very frustrating for everyone and it showed by the actions from some of the players. Lets not write him off yet. Roddy was the man in 2010 and now everyone wants to turn their back when the going gets tough. My predication is he puts that bull to the side in 2012 and catches some passes with a good off-season to get some chemistry back with Ryan. The lock out took that away this year. I'm looking forward to the falcons getting their first ring........Have some faith
  4. Roddy has more then proved himself.......I didn't like the way this season looked all around but don't forget the good times and refuse to turn my back on him
  5. I think The NFL in general is the Good ol' boy network..... so I say no but i think that most of the NFL is like that.........
  6. Roddy is the man....so what he dropped some this year the whole team was a little off this year....
  7. Defensive players have been playing a certain way for a long time its hard to change the way they play. It's a split second decision and they have no choice, but to react and if their head hits the other players head well that's just football. This is their job, hit opposing players as hard as possible. GOOO FALCONS
  8. My dad is from Atlanta and went to games with his father but then he moved to Upstate Ny and started a family had me and brain washed me from day 1 to be a Falcons Fan. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way

  10. he did good for us this year but is declining why would we wait for him to get hurt or do horrible to make moves!
  11. Maybe its not Vick maybe we need Jim Mora Back or Even Bobby Petrino they Couched him give them the credit. Now that would be stupid Vick screwed US and so did Mora and Petrino Forever Hated.
  12. Vick put us back 3 years of where we should be...i would never want him back
  13. I wanted to play Green bay.......... there a better team which after we play them again will make the Falcons better and give us more momentum into the next game
  14. I would love to see Vick come to the Dome and get smashed by the Falcons it would be a dream come true and i know our defense can do it but it probably wont happen because Vick will choke today
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