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  1. things are still looking up for this team, why would you quit now?
  2. Ok, my example went to an extreme but my point is that any decent and relativly cheap free agent (Reggie Bush!!) OR any mid round (3rd or 4th rounder) workhorse type of back would more than suffice with a good OLINE.. Really, any back that isnt slow and washed up (i.e. turner)
  3. I think Alfred Moris is the main example of why you should NEVER even think about taking a running back in the first round.. its just a waste of a first round pick considering how fast these workhorse backs burn out in the NFL.. on top of that, its pretty obvious that any half decent free agent back would look great behind a very good OLINE
  4. as a football fan you never wanna see these guys get hurt, but this is a big plus for the ATL offense
  5. the only way this helps the falcons is if Grimes walks, Dunta is cut and Wright signs for veterans minimum... which probably wont happen
  6. would like to see less curl routes thrown, we need to get julio and roddy in more YAC situations
  7. Well whatever the case, TD and mike smith should just hand the keys to the defense over to nolan and let him do whatever the **** he wants!
  8. Didn't nolan run a straight up 3-4 in Miami?
  9. TD should go with a OG in the first to slide Konz to his natural position then draft an impact TE in the second. Take care of HB/DE in free agency
  10. the 3-4 (with a proper NT) would give nolan more creative freedom to send confusing blitzes at opposing QBs.. so thats never a bad thing
  11. Dunta robinson is not all that important when we have McClain and Owens playing at a surprisingly decent level.. The one that really hurts is Abe, he's the falcons only elite pass rusher
  12. hopefully he'll sit this week, and with the first round bye thats two weeks he has to get to 100%.. he should be fine
  13. yeah, we'd need a much more creative D coordinator.
  14. Rodgers posted a much better time at his Pro day.
  15. Wasn't there a "There is no way we lose to the bears" thread last week?
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