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  1. We are only 1 game behind with 16 to go.
  2. Agrees to design of new stadium that gives people reasons to leave their seats and pricing many regular fans out due to PSL's. Lost dome field advantage. Almost everyone on Earth agrees GM/HC should be fired during 2019 and again after the season, decides to keep them. Fire GM/HC after week 5 2020 and does little to address the issue with the 12 week head start(Black Monday). Hires GM from biggest rival who has been a fan of such whole life. In doing so rival receives 2 3rd round picks(if hired elsewhere this is moot). With team having atrocious cap issues and severely devoid of talent, handcuffs new regime by stating we are retooling not rebuilding. Team has worst talent then last year and with dead money and restructures is likely in a worst spot next year. Instead of sucking it up for a few years and trading some players who we know or likely won't be here due to cap issues or wanting to leave(Hurst/Ridley/etc.) we get to watch a bad team for even longer. We don't have talent, we don't have money, and we only have the JJ extra draft assets which probably happens either way. Why are we doing two things half-*****? I don't blame Coaching or Players for this mess. We got 10-15 decent players and everyone else is backup quality or shouldn't be in the NFL. When I watched the game today I was neither surprised or disappointed. The main issue with this team is lack of talent and the decisions made from the top are just prolonging the pain. I will always support the team but I have zero expectations this year.
  3. Like it's bragging about winning the lottery after only 1 number shown.
  4. The good & bad news...we have more rushing yards than passing yards.
  5. 2 drives for defense: 1 bad call + 1 incompletion ruled a pass. Not giving up on them yet.
  6. Over the last five years more and more teams are resting starters for all of preseason. With a 17th game added I expect to see it to become the norm.
  7. It doesn't matter what players 54+ make. They won't be on the roster in 2 weeks. For the 30-53 players, we are a top heavy team, we should look bad when we play all back ups. All those years of giving Trufant, Freeman, etc. the highest paid contracts at their position and paying multiple OL decent money for poor performance has kept us high in dead money. Plus JJ forcing a 2nd contract very early.
  8. Got a feeling we are going to follow the trend of not playing most starters in the preseason. Especially with 17 games this year.
  9. I had hoped if there would be 17 games that players would be limited to 16. Would have kept records and safety the same while adding something new to the game: coaches deciding which game each player sits. With 53 spots it would only be ~3 per game, 1-2 starters. Injuries would cover part of it anyway.
  10. Retired players don't get paid anymore. Luck had 25 million in bonuses the Colts could have made him return but they chose not to. I don't think Blank would go after JJ either.
  11. Everything I have seen so far shows that a trade isn't just a possibility it's likely. Way too many people who don't think it can happen or only for outrageous return.
  12. 3rd is when you get guys with upside but have some issues. In this case the issues look to be correctable with time and coaching and we have good OL coaching. We have multiple good coaches and a GM who was well trained. At some point you should trust them.
  13. We might draft a QB. We might trade down. We might go non-QB. Amazing insight.
  14. I can't judge a person based on one decision that others are heavily involved with and ignore their body of work. That pick could be the biggest bust ever but if he drafts 3 Hall of Famers with the next picks that is still a massive win.
  15. Losing parents and kids at the same time is freaking horrible. A bad story all around.
  16. We have little money and a lot of roster spots. Did you all expect something different than a bunch of below average vets? Hopefully we can get many of them on vet minimums. It is going to take 2 years to fix the roster/cap issues(because we had to restructure this year). Best case scenario they don't play many meaningful snaps.
  17. But his stats don't matter because it's a passing era.
  18. Fully expected with the money situation we had. I expect a few more restructures. There was only so many ways to get large chunks of cap and this was the biggest one. Some of yall need to accept your desires aren't based in reality. We have a top heavy roster in regards to salary and some of them had to be extended, restructured, or traded(not likely due to dead cap and/or high salaries).
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