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  1. Life is too dang short to worry about something this petty.
  2. Elway blocked Kubiak because he wanted him as OC. This gave whoever the new coach an established OC who is loved by the team and fans. Fangio and Kubiak didn't agree on certain things in their meeting and Fangio didn't offer the position to him. Supposedly Kubiak wanted certain other coaches on staff and Fangio didn't want a packaged deal. Since Kubiak is not wanted by the new HC, Elway removed the block. At no point did the Falcons do anything wrong. People speculating instead of doing five minutes of research.
  3. That wasn't the Eagles, that was a pass that shouldn't have been thrown.
  4. Not realistic...didn't trade a 3rd to move up and get a skill position in 1st.
  5. I would be surprised if any of those three weren't here next season.
  6. I love Ryan as much as anyone here but this is a perfect example of cherry picked stats. A few QBs have retired or are backups(Palmer, Manning, RGIII, etc.) Half the league starters were drafted after this. Only 8 QBs have averaged 15 games played per year over that 7 year span. Of those Brady was suspended four games and Cam missed five from injury. Eli and Brees both have sit out games. Only Rivers, Wilson, Ryan, and Stafford have played all 112 games. Basically this becomes a list of x out of 4 or 6 for most of these stats.
  7. Exciting endings increase viewership and by proxy money. Of course they make it as close as possible when they can.
  8. May set the playoff fewest yards record.
  9. Ravens haven't even got to the other side of the field yet?
  10. Whenever I think I have seen the dumbest thread ever on TATF someone makes a new one that changes my mind.
  11. Even if we lose this game was worth watching now.
  12. Troffed. Quinned. Sarked.
  13. Other than the what I posted above let's talk about the other reason. Four teams, or 25% of the NFC, were all playoff contenders until injuries. We lost 3 Pro Bowlers in week one(Freeman played a few series later but came right back out and went to IR). Packers had arguably the best QB in the league injured for half the year. Redskins had their first two QB's get broken legs. They had a winning record before this. Panthers had Cam get injured. They were 6-2 at the time. The Seahawks and Vikings basically made the playoffs because removing these four teams and the bottom dwellers there is no competition for the spots.
  14. The Seahawks are 9-6. We barely lost to the Saints, Bengals, and Cowboys. One less injury and we could easily be 9-6 also. But let's look at the Seahawks wins. Raiders, Niners, Cards, & Lions are all horrible. They beat Dallas at home pre Cooper trade and still had ET, who had two interceptions that game. They beat Packers at home pre Mccarthy firing and Rodgers was still recovering. They beat the Panthers after Cam's injury and on a last second FG at that. They beat the Vikings at home. Vikings haven't beaten a team with a winning record(I think) so they aren't that good either. Easy schedule. They beat the Chiefs at home. Good win. They have lost to Broncos, Bears, Rams twice, Chargers, and Niners. This is a perfect case of who you play, when you play them, and where. Based on their record against winning teams they will likely lose in the first round.
  15. 56 dropbacks, 2 sacks. Come on D.