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  1. This won't be over any time soon. Expect a delay.
  2. We trade 1.5 years of Sanu when WR wasn't a need for 2 years of HH when TE is a major need, move up draft slots on a late pick, and people hate this?
  3. Just keeping shooting 3's, at some point one will go in.
  4. They still had xmas stockings up.
  5. Bad play calling and time management.
  6. Vikings are going to burn the clock just enough for the Saints to get one drive and leave themselves no time.
  7. Leaving out the part where the owner said the franchise QB was being hit too much and that the OL would be first priority. And that the HC with a SB ring from one of the best defenses of all times stated he could coach up the defense better than any other option. And supposedly answers to the owner. TD makes plenty of mistakes but these two things I don't think he had much say in.
  8. I been here since 2009 and was happy when I broke 1k. At this rate I will be happy to be alive when I hit 10k.
  9. Ovie & Dimarco were major factors in our run game. See 2008 until injury halfway thru 2011 and again in 2016.
  10. I have been keeping up to see if he hits 40 this year. 3.5 in two games is possible but not likely. Either way 36.5 still gets him in the top 25 for all positions since 2008, 32nd since 2005, and just makes the top 100 of all time. While I have defended him by stating the scheme was the issue I don't want to keep him. We have to let some people go and Vic and Hooper get us draft picks. Someone like Bruce Irvin or Clayborn is better value.
  11. To crush the Saints, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of Saints fans.
  12. Not surprised.
  13. Keep the pressure up, Jimmy will throw some Interceptions.
  14. I hope we have a better plan than freeman getting 16 carries for 37 yards.
  15. Falcons inactives vs. 49ers: LG James Carpenter, DE Allen Bailey, OL Ty Sambrailo, OL Jamon Brown, WR Brandon Powell, LB Ahmad Thomas, DE John Cominsky. Active is CB Isaiah Oliver (shoulder), as coach Dan Quinn implied. Going with only 7 OL? Hope for no injuries.