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  1. I don't want to insult dumpster fires. What's below that?
  2. Held on to some hope but that is the season. Embarrassment after embarrassment.
  3. If DK doesn't get the offense figured out for a few drives this is over.
  4. You are doing exactly what he is talking about from the other Takk threads, speculating. There are rules in place for injuries. Could Takk have been put on IR? None of us know the extent of his injury. Plus no one knows what Takk did or said behind closed doors after he was fined. There are many things in play here that none of us know.
  5. In this thread...people who think they know more than a multi billion dollar industry with virtually unlimited resources to address the issue including top Doctors and Lawyers. There are reasons why this rule is in place. Yes players don't have masks on while on the field but the locker room is accessed by many people who never see the field. All it takes is one person to have contact with a player, staff, opposing player, opposing staff, stadium workers, etc. who has it and it can spread. The more people who have masks and the more they wear them the less it will spread. Ever
  6. His comments came after the trade deadline. Our options became: He stays and maybe gets us a comp pick next year. It would be a late rounder and any signings we do would cancel it out. Basically he sits on the team unhappy and we might get something for it. We release him and if anyone takes him they have to partially or fully pay his remaining salary. Considering our money situation option 2 looks like it was the right call. That isn't factoring in if there was additional behind the scenes conflicts. It wouldn't surprise me if they later say Takk didn't show up afte
  7. That is after a bounce. First I see it hit is right on the 20.
  8. How about improving 1st and 2nd down Dirk so we aren't in 3rd and medium?
  9. Our only halftime adjustment is to throw more.
  10. I wonder if the new stadium has any correlation to our injuries. Should be enough games now to form a data set. Anyone know of a website that tracks that?
  11. Cam gets it. Gilmore either got it from Cam or gave it to him. Gilmore rides on plane with 20 other players. Talks right in Mahomes face after game. Mahomes is avoiding his pregnant wife but in the same house. Titans get it. Titans/Steelers postponed. Titans players told to not workout together but then have a secret meet up. Titans get more cases. Rumors going around of losing draft picks and they might forfeit the Titans/Bills game. This is going down right now. Multiple Raiders go to a function and don't wear masks. Among a handful of other players throughout the lea
  12. In 2015 we gave up the most receptions to RB's in the league. In 2016.... In 2017.... In 2018.... In 2019.... In 2020....haven't checked but I bet we are. Now with that info rethink if that was a brilliant OC move or it's a known weakness of the DQ Falcons. It is also why our sack totals are terrible. Also, innovator? He was given Kyles playbook with a Hall of Fame QB and scored less points then their average against arguably the worst defense in the league who was down about Takk, Allen, Neal, Kazee, Dennard, A.J., and maybe a few more. It doesn't
  13. Then the boards would be full of "why did they run when they had x wide open?" Some people just like to complain. Doesn't matter to me what the style is just win the dang game. Can be cross eyed with a peg leg if they win.
  14. Not much anymore with this coaching staff. Maybe if someone retires at half time.
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