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  1. Pick one: Best QB class ever Teams more desperate for QB then any other draft in history Media is stupid
  2. 4th quarter comeback vs Lions. Left 1 minute on clock. Lost. 4th quarter comeback vs Chiefs. Left 4.5 minutes on clock. Lost. Game winning drive vs Bucs. Lost. Far from great but he can still take care of his business more often than not.
  3. More media pushing QB's in the draft narrative. What is the chance they go 1-4? Probably lower than the scene in Dumb and Dumber, which makes sense since Kiper/Mcshay could be called that.
  4. Saw all the rumors over the last few weeks. I don't think teams value the QB draft class as much as fans and the media. If they wanted to trade Ryan there would be options.
  5. Imagine winning 2 SB's where your defense allows 12 points combined. And this one he had Fournette, Gronk, Evans, Goodwin, and AB. When can we get some of that?
  6. Are you counting Brees as retired or just overlooked him? He went 32nd but that was before Texans existed, i.e. second round.
  7. Anyone who had a basic understanding of the cap knew this last year. It wouldn't be healthy for the league to suddenly drop the cap 30 million dollars. Also, people took the salary floor that was agreed upon and used that as the expected cap. But the floor isn't the cap. Wasn't worth arguing over with people honestly.
  8. We were 5-0 but we had a lot of issues. We won most of those games because the other teams kept messing up worse than us, especially the games vs the NFCE. There was even a thread after the second game talking about how bad we looked that people dismissed because we won.
  9. Flawed poll. Not enough information to get a feel of what the new regime wants to do. It's highly likely they haven't had time to decide yet. The only way I can guess what they would do is to say what I would do, which would be biased.
  10. Stop posting bad journalism. Nothing there is a rumor, only speculation.
  11. We went 3-3 in the Red Zone. None of the sacks happened there.
  12. Brady/Brees Brady/Rodgers Brady/Mahomes 1st home team SB. Nice outcomes for the NFL(and conspiracy theorists). Anyway, time to tune into Hawks/Bucks.
  13. In other news, even with the massive list of insane things he has done, AB might get a ring. Money and talent kept him out of jail and in the NFL, for now.
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