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  1. Expecting 4 year extension with 82 million. I can't see it being below 20 million a year.
  2. I doubt even if they want to cut him they would before we finished the other four games.
  3. Just back up and leave before the trash gets ya.
  4. I have to major concerns: the schedule and Dan Quinn. I think DQ is a mediocre coach who benefited from a historical defense that was already there and now a likely HoF QB and WR. I expect this to be a minority opinion though. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong on here if I am.
  5. Offseason Thread Arguments.
  6. I didn't agree with Warner's list but it was only the top five.
  7. I would be surprised if we are top 15. Our schedule is mostly made up of either teams with good offenses or would have been if not for QB injury last year(GB, Niners, Panthers). Only Jags, Titans, and Cards were in the bottom 10 Offenses last year. On top of this our Offense should be scoring more which will put pressure on the other teams to keep up. Nothing has shown me in four years that other teams won't be able to dink and dunk down the field and score when behind(see 2016).
  8. I read that as they are looking at our 37 former GM's in the FO to fill their GM spot.
  9. Flacco - Old CBA rookie contract. Not the same. CK - Still had Alex Smith on the roster. Was starter until injured that season. Cam - Signed extension in 2015. His cap hit was small because they did the contract that way. Wilson - Most of the LOB was on rookie deals. That is a defense that finished 1st four straight seasons. A historic defense. A SB that the defense and ST scored more points than Denver.
  10. It's hard to have a good pass rush when our scheme allows short passes all day. We led the league in receptions allowed to RBs for every year Quinn has been here. And it isn't even close. 2015: 118, 108 for second place 2016: 109, 101 for second place 2017: 110, 99 for second place 2018: 117, 110 for second place https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2018/fantasy-points-against-RB.htm Click on the "rec" in the table to sort by receptions. Previous season link is at the top. Just ignore the FF part of the table.
  11. After three picks in the first four rounds, there was still another selection to look forward to, which was pick number at slot No. 136. Cominsky on the other hand was an “Official 30” visitor. He went to the Falcons at pick No. 135, right in front of the Cowboys’ noses one spot ahead of them. "We lost some guys that we were right on the cusp of getting." The Cowboys don't say it exactly but this is what the writer is suggesting.
  12. Was it for throwing eggs at the Saints bus?
  13. Base List: 15 Cliff Avril 39.5 16 Cameron Jordan 39 17 Olivier Vernon 37.5 18 Muhammad Wilkerson 36.5 19 Carlos Dunlap 35.5 20 Frank Clark 35 21 Greg Hardy 34 22 Demarcus Lawrence 34 23 Osi Umenyiora 33.5 24 Junior Galette 31.5 25 Jabaal Sheard 31 26 Charles Johnson 30.5 4 people tied at 29.5 which includes Vic and fan favorite Ray Edwards. 4 tied at 29 which includes Clowney and Bruce Irvin.