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  1. Alright here's what's going on from what I can see with Jacoby. Bama sent the big guns up Sunday, a large number of the staff including kiffin and Pruitt. Most people feel they are behind and this is them pulling out all stops. Pruitt has big pull in the area and if Jacoby goes to bama he is going to be the biggest reason. Uga just sent Mel after our camp Sunday. As of now he has no visits planned but if he does visit some where in the next 2 weeks. That will say a lot and he may have just showed his cards. With all that said, notice no CBs have been changed. If
  2. Bama is turning up the heat on Jacoby . Going to be a wild couple weeks on him.
  3. He's gonna be a no show. This one looks to be over headed to Michigan.
  4. Really good, but they keep saying it's very close. Most feel its UGA but they also say they wouldn't be surprised if it's Clemson.
  5. Yea things are looking good on Holloman, we should have sealed the deal on him. You are going to see more CBs for Bishop to auburn soon too.
  6. Jacoby is going to UTs spring game not ours this weekend.
  7. Chaney has done a good job of changing his mind on UGA because the old staff didn't give us much of a shot. He knows he's a better fit for our offense but like u said grew up huge Tennessee fans and manning fans.
  8. FSU guys are saying cam is headed their way this weekend. I haven't seen any trust worthy people confirm either way. Him going there is better then UT for us.
  9. I saw on another board Cam is going to visit UT and Lawerence isn't visiting anyone as of now this weekend.
  10. The IL position is going to be interesting on how it plays out. We are in the hunt for some big time names and it's a handful. Also list for G-day is really good, but we gotta have Lawerence and Cam come and not go to UT. Jones is going to UTs game.
  11. They are also saying that a return trip to Notre Dame is probably not going to happen either. Another positive. also his request to have his scores rushed back got denied.
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