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  1. The team is now staying in Athens for home games compared to staying out of town like before. This was something CJP was really pushing for.
  2. Park is leaving the team
  3. @Dawgs247: CONFIRMED: #UGA to add Greyson Lambert via transfer (FREE) @Rowe247 I think this shows that we feel confident someone is going to be transferring.
  4. @MarkRicht: Very excited about our new indoor facility! Without a doubt it will be the best in America!! @Rowe247: #UGA's new IPF will be "best in America" per Mark Richt (FREE) @Mansell247
  5. Mack to Texas.
  6. What we are going to end up with at CB I have no idea. So many good instate players and there is no way we can take all of them. That's the hardest postion for me to keep up w/ right now.
  7. Derrick Brown is visiting Uga this week.
  8. @FootballUGA: Video | The Grind Pound The G.
  9. Just got our first commitment from Jr day Tyrique McGhee
  10. That's interesting, especially since many people feel we lead for Brown and Rochester leaning towards Auburn.
  11. @Ej_Price77: I love the new coaching staff at UGA it's something special goin on in ATHENS 🐾 #UGA #UGAFamily #GoDawgs #Dawgs
  12. EJ Price is coming to town this weekend.
  13. I took a couple things from that article that stuck out to me. He's picking a school Friday. Next Mora lied to him and tried to get him to send his papers in early. Why he would even consider UCLA after that blows my mind. Lastly he picked a school that he couldn't even get his major until grad school? I just can't see how he could pick UCLA after all that. I guess we will see.
  14. @RadiNabulsi: Jake Reuse sat down with Roquan Smith for a half hour. The normally quiet LB had a lot to say. Read it for FREE
  15. A look into our new strength staff