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  1. Still look forward to the games. Packers fans never take a win over the Falcons lightly. I don't have any fingernails left after yesterday's game. You're never out of the game with one score and any time on the clock.
  2. Green Bay is terrible on both sides of the ball?The Packers have lost their starting RB from last year, Eddie Lacy for 2 games, Starks for 2 games. Two first round picks at OT (one a starter), Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, James Jones for a couple, Aaron Rodgers and Seneca Wallace. On defense they've lost Clay Matthews for 4 games, their CB who was 3rd in voting for DROY and led the league in INTs for a rookie, their best safety for several games, Nick Perry for several, starting ILB Brad Jones for several, backup LBs Mike Neal and Jamari Lattimore for several. It's been a tough year for the Packers injury-wise. I'd say it's equal to the losses Atlanta has suffered but when you lose your franchise QB it's the worst. Imagine this season with Ryan out for 5 games. Personally? I'm impressed with how the Falcons played in that game. A drop here or a missed tackle there and it's a whole different game. The Packers were favored at home and they won by a single point. From an outsiders point of view and with what I know about the Falcons, I don't think it's a huge rebuilding process. I think once they're healthy and a few nice high draft picks and they'll play just above .500 next year and they will be competitive the following year. I'm looking forward to a mini-rivalty with Atlanta in the playoffs that year. Your team wasn't piss-poor yesterday, just not the Falcons you're used to.
  3. So let me ask all of you elite Falcons fans. Greg Jennings alluded to the fact that Rodgers and Favre all had great WRs.He thinks Ponder might be a real NFL QB with some targets. Does the WR make the QB or vice versa? I'd love to hear your take on this. As for best WRs corps in the league I don't think anybody will argue Atlanta's #1 but feel many here overlook Nelson, Jones and Cobb. Finley is inconsistent as **** but he can be a top 3 TE if he puts it all together. I guess it's potential versus production. Contract years for Jones and Finley, I'm hoping they have contract type production. Keep in mind that last year Jones led the NFL in TDs and the year before it was Nelson. I know neither is a superstar but with the Packers I think it's the sum of the parts is greater than any one. Still, I'd like your take on WRs making the QB if you please. Is your QB only considered as good as he is because of the superior WR talent?
  4. Clements would be a monster acquisition for the Birds. Rodgers speaks nothing but total respect for the man. The Packers have had a long succession of good QBs, backups have gone on to have great careers. McCarthy does usually make all the play calls but Clements and Philbin are very involved with setting up each week's offensive game plan. I memory serves, it was at Clements behest that the Packers went to the no huddle a few years ago. It would really, really suck to lose him in GB but all Packer fans know it's going to happen this year. Many coaches are on many team's list. I'm definitely excited to see what he would do with Matt Ryan. Many here suggest that Ryan has the tools to be elite. I don't see it, but I think he'd have a great chance at it with Clements by his side. I was off on my prediction about Packers/Falcons NFCCG, but I know I"m right when I predict the Packers WILL see the Falcons in the playoffs next year.
  5. Detroit isn't pulling off a miracle. The Falcons however sure as shoot gonna beat the Giants and then it's time to face the Packers. I had predicted since the beginning of the season that it would be Falcons/Packers in the NFCCG so I was off by one game. I am looking forward to the rematch. I'm raising a glass and saluting the Falcons fanbase on Matt Ryan's first playoff win. As a Packer fan I'd be delirious over a Lions win but I just don't see it. Like it or not, I don't believe for a second that NO is overrated.
  6. The Packers have only said that about the Lions and the Falcons not half the teams in the league. The fact that the Lions, possibly the dirtiest team in the league said something about the Falcons has to hold some weight with you. Consider this... the oldest and possibly the most heated rivalry in the NFL is Packers/Bears. The Packers have never said the Bears are dirty. Someone mentioned the Falcons players have been coached to play to the whistle. Fine, but if every other team in the NFL has a general consensus that once the play is over it's over kind of thinking, I don't give a blind rat's azz how you are coached. They aren't machines, they're men and they have to be cognizant of their actions. As for faking injuries to slow a team down I don't think it's SOP at all. I saw Wisconsin do it in the Rose Bowl and it was embarrassing. They lost the game as they should have.
  7. Just to point out a simple fact. The Packers "system" over the years has produced a few QBs. Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks. None of them was a starter in Green Bay. The Packers drafted Brian Brohm in the second round and Flynn in the 7th. Brohm never made the roster that year. The Packers have had a great deal of success with drafting QBs over the years but they especially excel at developing those QBs. The current QB coach in GB is Tom Clements who has interviewed and is considered the leading candidate to replace Joe Paterno at Penn State. If you watched the Packer/Lions game you would have seen immediately that Matt Flynn is a great QB but has nowhere near the velocity of Rodgers. Rodgers called the entire first half of the game while the Pack was in no huddle. Once Matt Flynn goes to another team as a starting QB the Packers will have Graham Harrell as the backup. When Harrell turns out to be a great backup we can all agree, it's mostly the development system the Packers have used for years and not the offensive system they employ. Matt Ryan is a really good QB. I think he is second tier behind the elites of Rodgers, Brady, Brees and Manning. And oh yes, a good many teams would love to have him as their QB. Stat hounds can argue all they want about Flynn's performance Sunday but if you are a Packer fan you know after watching that game that Rodgers would have put up far greater numbers. The Lions really flat out sucked defensively. I think it was a trap game for them. They didn't expect the Packers to play to win.
  8. As much as you may not like it, root for the Packers, they will play Detroit and Chicago to end the season. Thanks in advance..........
  9. Has anybody said that? You should now as an NFL fan that it's all about today. On fire? As to suggest that he's riding a hot hand? You're not following the Packers so I should tell you that ARod has been a bit below these last few weeks. Your comment belies your credibility. Do you mean to imply that Manning is a better QB than Rodgers this season?
  10. Yea, I know, but I think you'll be waiting a long, long time to see that. I'm sorry, but you'll have to accept the fact that you don't have an elite QB. It's just not there. He's great you know, really good, but not at all elite. Despite the fact that Rodgers has the best WR in the business he'd still have the Atlanta offense humming with your running back. It's just the way it is. I like Matt Ryan but he will never, ever be elite so I'm sorry to break it to you but your team is what it is. A very efficient blend of offense and defense that keeps games close and capitalizes on mistakes. You know, kind of like the Vince Lombardi Packers.
  11. As an admiring fan I agree with you. Can we say the best in the game right now? You know, so much has been made of his time on the bench to learn from a legend. I think it's true, the best thing Rodgers has learned has to be not to throw games away on ints. No matter which way you slice it, Aaron Rodgers has had the best two or three seasons of any qb to ever play the game. He's the SB MVP and is on pace with all the other elite QBs to break records. Call it like you want, but Matt Ryan isn't in the conversation nor should he be.
  12. Yep, he was cozy but he had to face down playing as a replacement to a legend. The pressure was immense and he's admitted he actually had death threats. Yea, he's never faced adversity. He doesn't come from behind because the team is good right? How about this season? You might want to check out how many come from behind wins he's had this season. I like the Falcons and Matt Ryan but you folks are delusional if you think Matt Ryan will ever be the kind of player Aaron Rodgers is. Just no chance folks.
  13. As the unofficial expert on Rodgers on this board I won't bore you with the details but this man has been snubbed and talked down for his entire career. I believe he is the most driven player in the NFL and has the skill set to do what he intends to do: Be the best QB to ever play the game. You can check it all out on WIkipedia or whatever. Regardless, one can say Matt Ryan had to start right away and Rodgers was able to sit. I don't think it matters, Aaron Rodgers is just one of those athletes you come across from time to time that transcends what we know. Larry Bird, for all the greatness he had could never be a Michael Jordan. It's fortunate for me as a Packer fan the guy plays for my team. Matt Ryan will never be Aaron Rodgers good, but he's on the verge of good enough. He's almost a perfect fit for the system the Falcons run.
  14. Wow, even I wouldn't have predicted you saying that. You must hate the Packers. For me, it's all about the titles. It reminds me of the 1962 Lions beat the Packers at 10-0 on Thanksgiving. It's still the greatest moment in Lions history. Sad. The Packers were champs that year of course. Still I warn you, don't get your hopes up to high if you face the champs, Chicago was pretty sure they'd win the Halas trophy at home. Ouch!
  15. I'm listening but I'm not hearing you. Are you under the impression that good teams have four good quarters in all games? Because they have a name for games like that. They call them "blowouts" so yea, I think we ARE talking about blowouts. The Packers are the only unbeaten team left in the NFL and they've let teams come close. If you're a Packer fan the only complaint you might have is that they've not "blown out" enough teams, you know, second tier teams like you suggest. If I'm a Falcon fan I'd be darned pleased to have a veteran squad with the wherewithal to weather the storm of another team's effort to win. Those "second tier" teams are professional football players and they will play with little caution because they have nothing to lose. It's not a knock on your team to have a lesser team play them close. It IS a knock to lose to them, they call those "trap games". Grats to the Falcons, a poised veteran team that can cover a comeback and take the "W".
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