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    KGrillz reacted to Bawse in February Hawks Thread.   
    This is hilarious
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    KGrillz reacted to Mr.11 in January Hawks Thread.   
    They should be. I don't think Atlanta can afford another letdown at this point--too many years of average without any improvement, and then the recent debacle with the ownership. It's time to turn the page to a new chapter with the Hawks, and with Atlanta sports in general.
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    KGrillz got a reaction from freebird310 in January Hawks Thread.   
    We are your overlords! Good win Hawks.
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    KGrillz reacted to AF89 in January Hawks Thread.   
    Good I'm want them to feel unsatisfied. Too many Atlanta teams have started to drink their own Kool Aid, once they got the train rolling in the regular season a little bit. I love Roddy to death but that undefeated nonsense in 2012 was premature to say the least. Have confidence in your abilities but never rest on your laurels particularly when there's so much more to accomplish.
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    KGrillz reacted to WOR in January Hawks Thread.   
    Yall aren't allowed to talk about Bazemore.
    He's Willys and mine. On the baze train from the start!
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    KGrillz got a reaction from blkbigdog35 in January Hawks Thread.   
    I would like ESPN to focus on LeBron, the Knicks, and Kobe. Let the Hawks be under the radar.
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    KGrillz reacted to FalconKick in January Hawks Thread.   
    That's the thing! ESPN keeps talking about how weak the east is but The hawks have beaten every western "juggernaut." They are running out of excuses and I'm loving it!
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    KGrillz reacted to jayu70 in January Hawks Thread.   
    If they were only winning with offense, I would be concerned. The defense has been the big difference. If they can sustain, and I think they will, they will have a chance to win games.A lot if times it's the defense leading to easy buckets.
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    KGrillz got a reaction from freebird310 in January Hawks Thread.   
    I keep thinking the samething. The Hawks has impressed me. Heck, they impressed last year in the NBA playoffs where they almost took down the Pacers. I hope the Hawks keep it up and go deep into playoffs.
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    KGrillz reacted to Mr. Hoopah! in HBO: Game of Thrones   
    Social media is depressing. Facebook has shown me that a lot of people that I know are ******* idiots. Twitter has shown me that most of the world are ******* idiots.
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