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  1. Should have never started this thread. Should have kept the Jan thread going.
  2. Blank needs to worry about the Falcons.
  3. That Hawks Warriors game is going to be good. I hope the Hawks can get the win. I suspect it is going to be a playoff type game. Go Hawks!
  4. I think they will be fine. I can see them getting into playoffs next year as a wildcard team. I think the Cardinals will win the division.
  5. We are your overlords! Good win Hawks.
  6. No. Falcons need to use that money to invest in some defense.
  7. Playoff type game tonight. Go Hawks!
  8. Hawks should beaten the Pacers in that playoff series.
  9. I just hope they carry this into playoffs in a few months. No reason why this team can't make it to at least the Eastern conference finals. I hope this is the start of something great. Like how the Spurs started producing back in the late 90s. Congrats Hawks on the first half of the season!
  10. I would like ESPN to focus on LeBron, the Knicks, and Kobe. Let the Hawks be under the radar.
  11. I still can't wrap my mind around these Hawks. They are playing lights out. Not only that they are beating playoff type teams on the road.
  12. I still can't believe the Hawks are playing this dang good.
  13. Need to get a pass rusher if the Falcons don't acquire one on FA. Otherwise, they should get another OL.
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