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  1. The O scored td's and moved the ball. We were playing one of the BEST d's in the nfl.. Our d plain out s ucked and if our d would have stopped them a few times the o would have been able to have a little momentum.
  2. We have a few and i mean FEW really good players but thats it....
  3. By the looks of this i have come to a conclusion.... Either we dont have the money to get TOP Notch players and have to settle for maybe's ( that being hopefully they will be good) or our draft picking ability and trading ability is terrible... oh and not to mention our d coach really su cks
  4. Ok coach who do you want at QB????
  5. Ok how many payoffs has vick given us?How many did we win with vick? How much time did vick give us studying in the film room. Ryan got us to the playoffs twice. vick does great things a times but when teams figure him out he is a bust as we have seen it and philly sees it. HAPPY FEET...ok your right vick gave us a better runnung back.... i mean running quarter back....wooooo hooooo
  6. yeah but jenkins only runs one route.. down and out
  7. I agree with you.. We need somebody who can coach the dfense the right way. The players do what they are told to do.. Take for instance the NO game.. they had a different game plan and played off the chain even though we lost, but this past saturday we well you know...
  8. Um maybe seeing your recent post and the way you talk about ryan and saying you would root for the eagles.... dumb a ss
  9. Dude you are clearly not over the vick era... Why dont you go and move to philly and see if you can be his personal assistant and whipe his a ss... Vick NEVER gave us what ryan gives us... NEVER..
  10. was clay mathews on the team that spanked our a ss and he has longer hair???? thats not it bro
  11. yeah clay is a beast... I like to watch him play... give him to us and we will give you owens
  12. If im not mistaken it wasnt MM's (offense) that gave up 48 points and didnt force not one punt....
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