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  1. It doesn't work like that. We will always be champions. You, however will always be linked with the Lions and a few others!
  2. Yeah, I bet you couldn't wait to say that! 40+ years of losing for you!
  3. Calm down nutsack, I didn't start this thread. I was just agreeing. I guess the truth really hurts some of you losers.
  4. Doesn't change the fact, you guys choked away a great chance of winning it all. Think about that Loser!
  5. Say what? You had a higher seed. Congrats! Then you choked it away!
  6. Nice try! You just told us what's on your mind! Perv!
  7. I bet he would rather go in as a cowboy or a 49er. Champions like to stick together.
  8. That's kinda creepy even thinking about 3 years olds dancing. Pedo alert!
  9. I agree, no way facons repeat that lucky year!
  10. She danced better than Axel. Also like I said, the show was way better than the last few years.
  11. So how did you feel when he played with Michael Jackson?
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