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  1. My wife and I have an awesome cottage right on Lake Oconee. We're looking for 1 SB ticket and will trade a 1 week stay anytime you want + pay you for your ticket. Message me if interested or reply back and we'll get in touch.
  2. Falcons fan here in the Caribbean 'Rising Up' the ONLY flag that matters!!!
  3. Today is going to be a GREAT day for all Falcon fans around the world. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! RISE UP!!!!!!
  4. I packed the FalconMobile today at noon. Will be at the Dome tailgating EARLY. My first Falcons game was 38 years ago and I have 38 years of pent up energy for this one. Feels like Christmas Eve and I'm 10 years old again.
  5. I have never washed my Ryan jersey. And trust me it's been thru a lot!
  6. It will be fun to watch Julio and Sherman....Anyone remember that heated Jerry Rice vs Deion game in the Dome?
  7. Buckhead, 48. My first ever Falcons game was the franchise's first ever playoff game against the Eagles. Bartkowski hit 2 TDs in the 4th to win it. Fans stormed the field. I was 10, elated and a Falcons fan ever since!
  8. I had my phone on periscope watching the Arizona game secretly at the family Christmas Eve dinner table and got so excited at the winning field goal that I fell out of my chair and my phone went flying in the air. Busted. My wife yelled at me. My mother in law gave me the look. I didn't care. Christmas came early. Go Falcons.
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