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  1. This season sucked, the Super Bowl sucked..... Still 100% into this team!!! Stay strong Falcon Nation.
  2. If we let him go, BTW I'm good with that, he will most likely end up on a team with an elite pass rusher who is double teamed all the time and he will have a 15+ sack season and everyone will think we screwed up. Bottom line, unless someone else is getting double-teamed, he's average at best.
  3. 2-18, enough said. I've lost all faith when leading a game, bottom line, we will lose because we can't adjust. Simple as that.
  4. The guys need to understand and truly feel that if they miss a block, drop a pass, get burned on defense.... there will be consequences. This “dang, I almost got that one” bs has to stop”. Quinn doesn’t evoke fear so why should anyone worry when they come to work. Deep breath...
  5. I will start out saying that I've been loyal to my team since 1976 and will be until the day I die. I reached a huge milestone in my life after the Super Bowl (yeah I was there) and have learned to not let losses ruin my day or my life. I'm the guy that would scream at the TV and then curl up in the fetal position all Sunday. I put my family through ****. Last night I watched the game, took deep breaths and relaxed. Don't get me wrong, I was still bitter, but after so many "we came so close" games, it has been like therapy for me. My family is much happier. Thank you AB, DQ, TD, RM and the rest of the organization for sucking so bad over the past handful of years. Now get your crap together and earn you pay like the rest of us do. Rise Up!!! E
  6. You will probably get beat up on this board for saying what you said but you are absolutely on point! At the end of the day, the buck stops with him. We went through an entire off season and last night was literally the exact performance we had last year. Not one single thing has changed. If I didn't improve my performance at work year over year I would be fired.
  7. What season were you watching?!! Did you notice JJ only caught 3 TD passes. Did you notice how we barely won almost every game and loss the rest of them. Stupid mistakes, penalties everyone. Leading the league in dropped passes. Are you sure you are on the right website?
  8. We are just not there yet. Every single game is nail biter or a loss. We are average at best. We have a Ferrari of a team but unfortunately too much horse power for our mediocre coaches who simply can't drive it. Oh well, next year will be my 42nd year as a Falcon's fan, life goes on.
  9. Hire him as head coach. Fire this entire staff.
  10. Come on, we deserve better than this. After that horrific Super Bowl game (I was there in person), you would think this team would come out and tear up the league. It's been just the opposite. In my opinion, it all boils to coaching. I'm done with these "player's coaches". All that high five-ing and tail slapping on the sidelines has got to go. The penalties and mistakes are a result of a team that knows nothing will happen to them whether they play at 110% or 85%. People need to be held accountable. As for our coaches, they are way out of their league. The Falcons are like a Formula One car with a soccer mom behind the wheel. The coaches don't know who to handle all that horsepower so they simply are afraid to run it wide open. Sorry for the rant.
  11. Who cares what he thinks. After 40 years of being a Falcons fan, I am accustomed to the hate. At the end of the day, the Falcons are the most exciting team to me. That's all I care about.
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