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  1. In 2014 we were up 30-0 and only won 43-37. You guys were catching up fast. What saved us was time ran out.
  2. I remember we barely beat you guys in 2014 when we had a good team and we were at home.
  3. I’m worried you guys will pull it off. When was the last time we beat Atlanta?
  4. Here is to a great game tonight. I hope you guys are safe and healthy too. Much love from GB.
  5. I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
  6. Do you think that Mike McCarthy would be a good head coach for the Atlanta Falcons? 

  7. I'm not even excited for next season. I expect another 7-9 season.
  8. It was probably the last time we will ever get that far again. Rodgers wont be able to stay healthy anymore and our window is closed for good. Our team sucks.
  9. For the 2nd year in a row. Matt Ryan also eliminated me in my fantasy football playoffs too. This year though was a nightmare so I'm happy that this season is over for us. Good luck in the playoffs.
  10. I hope we can get these guys back for next week.
  11. Yeah you whooped our butts. I have to admit.
  12. Tough loss but wanted to tip my hat off to you guys. God bless you all and hope you have a great rest of the season. No excuses and I apologize for other bitter fans. We still don't hate you guys, all love.
  13. I think we're going to lose again in Week 2 though.
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