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  1. In 2014 we were up 30-0 and only won 43-37. You guys were catching up fast. What saved us was time ran out.
  2. I remember we barely beat you guys in 2014 when we had a good team and we were at home.
  3. I’m worried you guys will pull it off. When was the last time we beat Atlanta?
  4. Here is to a great game tonight. I hope you guys are safe and healthy too. Much love from GB.
  5. I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
  6. Do you think that Mike McCarthy would be a good head coach for the Atlanta Falcons? 

  7. You guys kicked our butts but I rooted hard for ya in the SB. My heart goes out to ya for that game.
  8. We lose to everyone. Thank God last Sunday was the final game I have watched.
  9. Yep you guys do as everyone else beats us too. You guys will blow us out again. Please put us out of our misery I'm begging you guys.
  10. I won't watch the game but to end this thread I'll check the final score to see how bad you whooped us.
  11. At least we can agree on this. We both suck but we suck worse.
  12. My team is garbage. We just know how to find ways to lose. That's what we're great at.
  13. You guys will trash us. You beat us that one year in the playoffs 27-7 and 45-20 a couple years back. We're used to heartbreak. I hope you whoop us so bad. Blowout losses are better than close losses anyway.
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