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  1. Yeah cheer for Matt when the Falcons offense is on the field. Genius. Get loud while the offense is trying to work. What a brilliant idea. This guy right here is revolutionary. Cheer while the offense is trying to get the play call in.
  2. What exactly would be the defensive gameplan to stop the Packers? What is the Falcons offensive plan to move the ball? I always have to laugh when other fans say something like theres a chance and never explain how they think they can beat the other team.
  3. You do know Rodgers has the best passer rating against the blitz in NFL history right? And the best passer rating in NFL history in general. You cant stop Rodgers.
  4. I dont like how the Falcons run spreads like theyve got a big arm QB. Ryans release is long at times and doesnt have the ability to throw outside the numbers from the pocket. They should come out mostly in 2 wide with a TE and 2 backs and just dominate the LOS and play actions but I guess that makes too much sense.
  5. If anything he got too aggressive. The Falcons ran the ball early and had a lot of success. Then he started passing and things stopped working. The Packers made adjustments at the half. Instead of off coverage they pressed. Instead of playing coverage they blitzed heavily but I think that was also with Julio Jones out. The Falcons were outmatched going into this game with no real pass rusher and then various players going out. A lot of points were left on the field by the Packers. It could have been a lot worse.
  6. That poor excuse of a defense leads the league in turnovers and is top ten in sacks.
  7. You dont win championships by going out and signing free agents. Over paying big names that were coming off mediocre seasons like Edwards and Robinson is the same reason the Falcons lost one of their best lineman in Dahl and now their line is in shambles. You have to build better through the draft and grow your talent. The Falcons have really managed this team very poorly. Theyve drafted busts in all rounds of the draft, over payed free agents, and made some really bad trades. You can try and justify how great picking up Gonzo was but when it comes down to it you traded a 2nd round pick for an
  8. IMO what White did say was disrespectful and down right ignorant. He said he was still the better team... You got scraped up on television in the playoffs. They clearly were not the better team.
  9. if the falcons play well it wont break the season. If they go out and get blown out the way they were before then yes it will break them.
  10. Packers literally do this every week for the past 24 years. Its nothing special.
  11. Kind of hard to amass those numbers when you dont throw passes further than the sticks.
  12. Even when the Falcons won last years regular season they didnt impress anyone. Rodgers fumbled on the goal line, there was the facemask that practically ended the game, a few instances when GB just didnt tackle well and on their opening drive the refs clearly blew an obvious first down run by Rodgers. This time the Packers come in with both Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley, an improved LG in TJ Lang, and a kick returner in Randall Cobb.
  13. We arent cocky we are just realists. Theres not a team that can stop this offense.
  14. Coming out of Cal Rodgers was knocked for his lack of athleticism. It was why Alex Smith was chosen over him. So he saves the celebration for big runs or rushing touchdowns. You probably think its corny because its another team doing it but if Matt Ryan had a signature celebration you would think its was awesome.
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