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  1. We are not only picking talented players in April.. we are picking guys with the right mindset in the team concept and not many me first people littered on the roster. But we also got lucky and Rodgers had returned to form just in time for the playoffs this season and a deep WR core.
  2. First Tandy.. heck of a post and extremely emotionally tugging. Second, truly sorry to hear this.. I don't know you at all.. but I have to be completely honest in reading the above. I as a Packer fan wish that your Falcon team could have hoisted the trophy for him.. that said, it was a heck of a season for the Falcons and you all should be proud of this team no matter what any talking head mutters. I will add your nephew to my prayers..
  3. 1. I agree that the breakdown started with Owens and having to roll coverage over. However Rodgers was smoking hot last night.. and we haven't had a game with 3rd down conversions like that this season. Last year in the playoffs was close.. but not like that. 2. To be fair.. when the Packers got to basically control the clock for most of the second quarter and got up by a score and you got the ball back with only minutes remaining.. you had to throw there.. and I respect Matty for moving the safety off on the end zone throw.. but he was late with the extra pump needed.. That started the ball rolling and with the late TD and then the pick six.. The Falcons had to abandon the run for the most part. In the offseason, IMO, the Falcons need to add a speed receiver to help them stretch the field some.. you have a very balanced offense but lack another guy that can challenge a defense deep. It hurt your offense when it need to resort to the pass only. 3. Can't comment.. but I thought the game plan was pretty solid early on and they had this team ready to play.. just the turn of events broke just right in the second quarter and it kind of scrapped the schedule so to speak. I wouldn't hang your heads for a moment.. this team will be back in the dance and will have banked this game in the memory banks for a later use. You learn from games like this.. I have little doubt this team, with players like you have on the roster and the quality of coach that Smith seems to be.. will make their run in the near future.
  4. From my viewpoint, I thought you blitzed pretty consistently throughout the game.. problem was even when you had a free blitzer.. Aaron made a play on it. Abe and a DB both had clean shots but Rodgers avoided them. IMO.. Rodgers played about as good as you can play the position last night.. I am not sure that blitzing was the answer. Honestly, I think Owens put a bit of a handcuff on the coverage options last night.. you would rolling coverage over to help him and it opened up other avenues to attack. Not trying to single out the kid.. but from my viewpoint it hurt your defense big time. I hope the kid rebounds and betters from this game. Additionally.. our receivers were making some big time plays on the ball in the air and more importantly didn't drop opportunities that they have in a number of games this season. I know it is not easy now.. or this might seem wrong, but truthfully your team will grow from this and tighten up the some of the things teams attacked last night. BTW.. I became a huge Nicholas fan last night.. that kid is a baller.. the hit he put on Jennings later in the game was one of the whoa hits.. covered a lot of ground to cover to make it.
  5. Every fan base has people that can't restrain themselves and act with the respect towards others.. especially at their home. All I can say.. is don't hold it against us all, it isn't the way most of us would act. I am sorry you were disrespected in any nature.
  6. We caught our share of "breaks" tonight.. but thank you for the props. But don't hang your heads a single bit, you have one **** of a football team and we will lock horns again in the near future. One game does not define a season, a team or a player such as Ryan.
  7. From my vantage point.. in the early going load up enough to stop the run early.. if you do that, MM has a tendency over the course of the season to basically abandon the run. Although he has been more patient with it since the Lions game. If they abandon the run... line up wide on the edges and make the Packers tackles extend out, they show a tendency to struggle with speed wide off the edges and on turf. Once that is accomplished, it will take away one of Rodgers strengths which is extending the plays by moving laterally.. he will only have one choice then.. to step up in the pocket and early with the edge pressure. This frustrated them in three games that it has been exploited like so.. against Washington, Miami and Detroit. Both the 3-4 and the 4-3 doesn't seem to matter.. Make Clifton and the rookie make a deep quick drop..
  8. May the game be a well played competitive contest with enough excitement for both fan bases to enjoy. Additionally, may both sides avoid any major injuries to any of the players upon the field today. May the best team win and I hope you all enjoy the game. Thanks for the excellent football conversations over the course of the week and personally I will stop back win or lose. Have fun.
  9. I will concur that without Finley our TE groups is weaker than your group... then our rookie had to open his mouth on to boot this week. Don't give your opponent anything they can use.. leave your mouth idle and use your talent upon the field.
  10. No.. The Packers WR > Falcons (Due to depth).. Jennings and White are just the headliners. It wasn't a direct comparison.
  11. Ahhh.. leave it to a brash rookie from Penn State. <Shakes Head> Kids.
  12. That is cool.. we will keep that world class hunting and fishing our little secret; no problem. Truth is.. if you don't like the outdoors, you won't enjoy Wisconsin. Not for all walks of life that is for sure.
  13. Wait.. I take that back.. Bear fans can form more complete thoughts than this.
  14. Two things.. One.. way to come on a visitors board and show little class. Two.. with all of one post.. how could you start a thread? If the Packers fall Saturday night.. I will be an adopted Falcons fan for the remainder of the season. Beats all options left on the board. hands down.
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