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  1. wow fck off man, ya'll had the refs on your ***** now you want more? get outta here
  2. JJ Watt is MVP so far IMO
  3. Going to change my picks due to injury updates
  4. Colts Patriots Bengals Steelers Green Bay Lions Broncos Bucs Titans Chargers Cardinals Falcons Seahawks Eagles 49ers
  5. **** I have to win multiple upsets to get up there with the big leagues
  6. watch the Panthers get blowned up again...they are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  7. NYG was a male all along? **** what gave it out? I'm being serious here
  8. I think i got 150 decent week I guess
  9. That we might have found our QB? I ouno man..not much for moral victories
  10. Yeah he let the RB get the TD, if he sticked with him, McCoy would've sacked Brees
  11. Colston fumbled that ball though but whatever man
  12. Congrats Panthers holding on for the division lead
  13. Congrats to the Saints, thanks Logan Mankins
  14. Aight buccies lets get a field goal and go home
  15. Saints might have been handing the Bucs points but the Bucs are going to hand them the win
  16. Great stop on the 2 point conversion, if we get a Td its going to be difficult for the Saints to win
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