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  1. it's because you get to see the crushing feeling of not having your team being congratulated when they lose. It's not fair if we just put up congratulations "RC team" when they win
  2. Sean Payton bitchin at the ref at the end of the game lmao get a taste of your own medicine
  3. the ladies in the retirement home facility bows down to the almighty alpha bull
  4. Teams has been getting serious injuries lately though
  5. Pats Ravens South Redskins Seahawks Browns Colts Bills Bears Lions South Game Packers South Game Chargers Raiders Cowboys Broncos PT Game Texans Picks may subject to change
  6. This is definitely the worst year as a Bucs fan
  7. Wow we are actually worse than last year...bring back Schiano
  8. Yeah don't think we are going to win this one.
  9. He returns when the Bucs pumphandle the AtlantaFalcons.
  10. As long as our pass rush shows up we have a chance
  11. Bucs try to exploit the Raven's injury woes and get their 2nd win of the season. Mike Evans and Mason Foster is back on the field for the Bucs.
  12. David sends his regards....but in seriousness hopefully he'll be back
  13. It's like Diablo 3 where its just repitition, same boss and same minions
  14. I feel like Mike Glennon is like Chris Simms but can throw in the short-mid range. At best he'll be a top 15 QB but with this team I don't know man, I like Glennon I agree I don't think he can be a franchise QB, but because we don't have a better option, we'll make him so
  15. There was a QB here named BJ Daniels and I guess I mixed them up
  16. I thought it was interesting to see that Mike Glennon is playing better than Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel. Even though the competition isn't compelling it's just funny to me that a 73rd pick can out perform those in the 16th and the 39th pick. It also baffles to me why a franchise must have to get a QB even though that is murky at best. Like Browns going for Johnny Manziel, the guy is at the bench and probably won't be a starter for a while. They should've gotten a O-lineman or whatever peripheral position they need. The pressure for drafting a QB outweighs the consequence of being a bust.
  17. Lol why would anyone play this game? First person shooter + grinding = bad idea
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