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  1. He's a nightmare 1v1 deep threat
  2. Cooks - 500yds, 3 TDs, 10 Avg, 9 GP KB - 659yds, 7 TDs, 15.3 Avg, 10 GP Evans - 585yds, 5 TDs, 15 Avg, 8GP Took a while but Evans has done more with less games...
  3. How are you going to go 3-0 in November when you already lost a game?
  4. McCown was trying to prove that he was the right QB that they completely abandoned the run game
  5. Bucs are not a NFL caliber team. Play calling have been abysmal and no pressure and no cover skill on the secondary. McCown did ok for someone who attempts >50% his completion.Jackson and Evans are studs. Sims is ok, shows flashes of greatness other than that fumble. But it's clear that this team isn't winning another game this season and needs to draft a QB.
  6. The Browns sucks..but it's any given Sunday, we almost beat them last Sunday
  7. you know whats funny JB, that law that you have to have 60% of votes to pass had 57% votes received,,,which to me doesn't make sense anyways welcome back!
  8. Bengals PT Game Chiefs Dolphins Cowboys 49ers Ravens Steelers Bucs South Game Broncos Cards Seahawks Packers PT Game Eagles PT South Game
  9. we might suck but don't you dare disrespect our cheerleaders
  10. You think he'll be injury prone? I don't want another Michael Clayton again
  11. hate to be a sour puss but the refs ****** us over in our last drive...whatever though congrats Browns
  12. Saints Browns Cards Eagles Jets Upset Jags Upset Chargers Redskins Rams Upset Broncos Seahawks Ravens Colts
  13. I guess they get it from their coach
  14. I don't know why a team coming off of a Superbowl high has so many internal problems.
  15. Hope everything goes well and that your mom makes a great recovery
  16. Broncos PT Game Lions Bucs South Game Jets Pats Seahawks Dolphins Ravens Texans Chiefs Eagles Colts Raiders Packers Cowboys
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