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  1. Wright shoulda had that catch tho, he usually has decent hands.
  2. Jameis looking good, Doug Martin runnin' wild.
  3. Congrats on winning the div, try to win a PO game before u guys get kicked out
  4. The play was I believe Evans taking a seam route and being double covered. Evans then goes and stops I think doing a curl, McCown throws it anyway hoping that his WRs would carry his sorry azz.
  5. no because Rodgers shooked his azz on Thursday night
  6. I'm down to join y'all. I'm excited for Sting to do something...the card is kinda meh.
  7. Evans is 165 yds and 3 tds short of Julio's record, he'll definitely have a better rookie campaign and most likely have a better career..plus we don't have a "franchise" QB throwing at him
  8. I remember when Ronde intercepted Brooks 3 times in one game..anyways I didn't think Brooks was good enough to be in any type of hall of fame
  9. Evans has more recieving yards and 1 less TD than KB despite playing 2 games less, how is KB better than Evans?
  10. 2 Wins away from 1st place LOL
  11. Well he's burnt your CBs as well
  12. 3rd game with 100+ YDs and 6th game with a TD...yeah unfavorable circumstances...imagine if we were actually a decent team.
  13. Well he just shitted on your whole defense.
  14. 2TDs 209 Yds and theres still 14 minutes left in the game.
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