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  1. Falcons on the downswing..while the Bucs on the up...Falcons play Vikings, Bucs, and Panthers...they might win against us, but I can also see them going 0-3 in these games. Bucs have favorably a better schedule as we play Colts next week which may be our toughest opponent for the rest of the season. (Car will definitely be playing their secondaries).
  2. Don't know why they shouldn't just give it to Ambrose...I guess they want Champions to be heels forever and always.
  3. better than Cam Newton too, took him 4 years to throw for 5 td's, took Winston half his rookie season.
  4. threw another one....maybe he'll throw for 6 at the end
  5. hopefully he can get this appealed, he'll miss the rest of the season
  6. Proving everyone including myself wrong.
  7. Kwon played lights out today as well
  8. dude shouldn't be playing in the NFL, Jones doesn't have the right apprehension of moral character
  9. He had a good long catch from Winton that yielded a 1st down. He's moving a long.
  10. Jameis getting more comfortable in the pocket..hopefully the Oline improves..
  11. we gon' beat the falcons to a bloody pulp
  12. Russell Shepperd looking sharp tonight
  13. I see Buc Man post the 3rd of this month..
  14. Oh aight any context of what happened? I left RC about 8 months ago
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