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  1. The plot thickens: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/01/16/reagan-mauia-says-lennay-kekua-is-real/
  2. Yep, I felt that if we got over the playoff win hump we would win the NFC Title Game.
  3. It was pretty good before Abe got hurt. If it wasn't clear before, this game illustrated how important Abe is for our defense.
  4. I think if we make it to the NFC Championship Game we can and will beat anybody we play. It's getting over that playoff win bump that worries me.
  5. But we went 10-0 out of the division and nobody left in our division is still playing.
  6. I was frustrated during the game, but I'm not worried about anything I saw on the field today, except injuries.
  7. I'm upset about the loss and leaving the starters in, but I'm not too worried about the way we played. Packers and Niners aren't looking impressive, and they are both playing for something. Texans are playing their worse football right now.
  8. I'll wait until an official report. Smith would have described Theismann's injury as "minor".
  9. Is Smith a Doctor? Smith is trying to get the heat off his @$$ at the press conference.
  10. We lost two starters due to Smith being stubborn. PULL YOUR STARTERS. If this costs us in the playoffs, then yes, Smith should be fired.
  11. Smithites will continue to defend him, but the fact his he probably cost us any shot at the Super Bowl by playing the starters.
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