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  1. Very good signing. Shame it took so long for people to figure out he needed to be playing in the backfield.
  2. 1) Complete inability to draft linemen (either side of the ball, really) 2) Fat contracts to bums like Freeman, Beasley 3) Too much money / draft capital to guys who were clearly injury prone
  3. Nah we were Super Bowl quality the year after too. Should have beaten the Iggles. Agree thereafter though.
  4. Valuable, but not as valuable as a QB playing for $5mm for an extra year.
  5. You let the Matt Ryan era end after two years, then put in a stopgap while you draft BPA and build the rest of the roster, then you grab a cheap, young, QB and shoot for the SB while he's still on his rookie contract and the rest of the roster hits their peak.
  6. He's a rookie compared to the grandmasters of yesteryear.
  7. Not attached to their collective crack pipe, I guess.
  8. Semi-relatedly, I would love to see that Kris Jenkins thread dredged up.
  9. I liked the one where Aaron Rodgers was “the white Mike Vick”
  10. Yeah I think Vick is starting by week 8 and we lock up the division by week 15. Easy I miss the early ‘10s AFMB trolls. Way more entertaining than this low-effort drivel. Remember Mr. Right’s annual QB rankings?
  11. I mean yeah it's "unhealthy" – it was perhaps the most traumatic event in sports fan history.
  12. It's almost like there weren't as many questions about Pitts' polish and need for development (at their respective draft days)
  13. They're both on there. Roddy had way more personality, but Julio was a better and gave (his best) 10 years to the franchise.
  14. What a stupid article. Due to his contract, Matt Ryan is here for 2 years. No more, no less. It's about as relaxed a QB situation as there is in the league.
  15. Vis-à-vis good things on this board, anyone remember JB Hendu’s legendary “WE HAVE TO BEAT THE DOLPHINS” preseason thread in 2011? Regarding this inane thread (and ~2010 era AFMB), I guess we’ll have Vick trolls until the year 3000. Mr. Right’s great^30-grandkid can come on here and suggest we should clone Vick and slot him in as QB1.
  16. 5-12. Rebuilding year against the cap.
  17. Ryan’s noodle arm got JJ the best YPT and YPG (the latter by double digits) in history.
  18. Love and hate the guy. Said the day after the SB that Quinn should have been fired and replaced with him.
  19. Julio is ~3k away from the #3 spot (between Fitz and TO) in the all-time yardage list. Really hope he gets it (/ think he deserves it), but we'll see if he can stay healthy + if there are enough touches to go around with Henry and AJB.
  20. Greatest Falcon ever. Bummed he wasn't a lifer, but it was an absolute privilege to root for him every Sunday for a decade. He deserved a shot at a ring. Whether Tennessee has the QB to make that happen is another story.
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