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  1. Watt wants to go to a winner.
  2. Nah I don’t really care. Don’t likely Brady, but don’t have strong feelings against the Bucs. Mainly a quasi-fan of the Chiefs due to a personal connection with one of their players. Bummed for him, but that’s about it.
  3. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Matt to play for more than a few more years. Guys like Brady and Brees are the exception, not the rule.
  4. Only if they do away with the salary cap for the next two years
  5. Brees has one ring, courtesy of a bounty program designed to injure opposing QBs. What a titan of the game.
  6. Regardless of who is drafting at 1, Lawrence will be the first pick.
  7. My dad was team “Trade Vick for Calvin, start Schaub” in ‘07. Can you imagine the ****storm (and investigation) if we’d dealt him to Detroit months before he was indicted?
  8. I still wish we’d dropped a few more games and gotten Chase Young...
  9. The hurdle isn’t the packages, it’s our dead money. Matt will be here another 1-2 years.
  10. It’d be hard to be 100% comfortable with any of the Alabama guys (save maybe Smith), given how overpowered their teammates are. Harris’ stats aren’t too different from Ingram’s or Richardson’s, for example.
  11. If TLaw gets a felony between now and April, maybe.
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