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  1. Favorite Falcon ever. Kind of unfortunate (for him) that he came right before the greatest Falcon ever, who happens to play the same position, but he was unplayable back in his prime and a ton of fun, on and off the field.
  2. NBA, NFL, etc. all kicking back up will smooth over some of the racial, economic, etc. tensions too, IMO. The only thing Americans love more than partisanship is sports (and essentially being partisan therein – **** THE SAINTS!).
  3. All the top guys think they're the best. It's part of what makes them so dominant. Julio Jones is head-and-shoulders the best player ever to put on a Falcons uniform, and I'm glad to have watched essentially every game of his career (and the majority of the home games live).
  4. If we're a top 3 defense, he should be our head coach, lol
  5. Saying 'Julio has better stats' doesn't repute Hopkins' (correct) point that Julio has been luckier with QB play. That said, would still take Jet Jones.
  6. Thanks guys! Can't believe I'm nearing 10 years on the boards!
  7. Brees and Brady have made our D look like retirees for decades. I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. I think 30-40% chance of playoff berth is about right.
  9. They're all worse-than-average backs. Hope Gurley can bounce back, b/c otherwise it's all on Matt & the (stud) wideouts.
  10. We don't have the assets or the cap space to make it happen. Awesome player, though.
  11. We could really use Ovie or DiMarco (not really sure he was underrated, though). On D, think we could use Stephen Nicholas – very much 'ahead of his time' as a coverage LB. He and DJ would be lock-down.
  12. Top-half would be nice. But this is the Falcons, so probably about the same
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