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  1. Think the Chiefs or Chargers will win it, but hoping the Eagles do (without going into specifics, have a connection to the Lurie family).
  2. We have a QB that can throw, so I doubt it.
  3. JAX for a couple of firsts?
  4. Don't really care who wins, as long as they can head down to the Bayou next weekend and get a W there as well.
  5. Bound to happen when you spend all day wracking your brain for controversial 'hot takes' to make up for the lack of discussion material provided by the finished Falcons and Dogs, the horrible Hawks, and Braves still on vacation. Just got too close to the line, and we live in an outrage culture. Side note: my buddies and I used to constantly prank the late, late night guys when they were still trying the 24/7 format.
  6. Jason Peters is a bad, bad man. One of the best players in NFL history IMO.
  7. Why the **** would you show that replay?!?!?!
  8. High profile yet kind of boring, big contract, not Vick, and QB'd during arguably the worst choke loss in the history of sports. He's a great player, but there will always be detractors unless he wins the big one (and probably some after that as well).
  9. Fair enough, but even Eli (sans a drop-off) is on the far right of the distribution when it comes to longevity. It's not impossible that Matt will last to ~40 (and his skill set definitely ages better than most's), but it's not something we should rely on, given that a far greater % of QBs (even great ones) are retired by then.
  10. Brady and Brees are two of the best ~five ever to do it, and their longevity is still the exception, not the rule. Who's to say he won't age on, say, Eli Manning's schedule (or on that of any of the litany of QBs who were out of the league before Eli's 37 years)?
  11. Gotta knock draft and (one big) FA out of the park this spring, and pray for 100% recoveries for half the roster. Ryan doesn't have a ton of peak years left.
  12. We won’t be drafting that high or need QB in 2020 unless Ryan suffers a career-ender
  13. Was that perchance on 92.9? My buddies and I used to crank call them late at night until they finally gave up the ghost re: "The ONLY 24/7 SportsTalk" concept. Some off the stuff that comes out of hosts' mouths during off hours (including, it seems, Christmas) is truly laughable.
  14. Wish this had happened a few months ago.
  15. Grady is a borderline Pro Bowler. Donald is already one of the handful of best to ever play his position, and could very well be considered the GOAT in <5 years. Grady isn't getting AD money, from us or anybody else.