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  1. Is your name a KOTOR reference?
  2. Seems about right. Fine to be optimistic but not really a ton of reason to think we'll be head and shoulders better. Most important players are all a year older.
  3. $6mm is a ridiculous contract, even if it's just one year. He'd have gotten $2.5mm if he went to Cal.
  4. This wouldn’t be thread if he’d played at Cal. Dude’s knee is shot.
  5. Absolute gunshow of a division...and Carolina. Lol
  6. We do get pretty sentimental about former players.
  7. Lots of $ and years for a 29 year old 10-sack (when healthy).
  8. Decent deal given the QB market, but kind of bizarre that they're going with a pseudo-stopgap.
  9. They can’t and won’t since Cam isn’t healthy enough trade and they don’t have the draft capital.
  10. Not happening.
  11. Seeing “Swift” in a topic on these boards still makes my eyes narrow lol
  12. Julio is the best player to ever wear the jersey. Up to you whether that makes him the 'Greatest Falcon'
  13. I came in here to make a similar joke.
  14. He's special.
  15. Vic’s a cool dude and a good one too. But he’s not that great at football, nor does he seem to care to ever be. Thanks for the (occasional) memories, but it’s past time to move on.