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  1. I would guess the 2018/19 season will be his last. Happy to keep him around as long as possible if he keeps knocking them thru, however.
  2. Quite a few fans will want him declared the starter for the duration of his (1 day) contract lol
  3. Eh c'mon -- we started it and it was pretty apology needed.
  4. Really worried about his matchup with Kelvin Benjamin this year... (Wouldn't want Tru getting pulled into the gravitational field, Rookie year vs. 2017 OTAs)
  5. "Completely idiotic" more like it -- "cute" is far too kind
  6. Worse playcall than Seattle goaline
  7. Likely means Kyle will have...
  8. Lol what's he supposed to say, "Matt does X &Y and we're going to use both in our game plan?" On second thought it would it would be decidedly Belichickian to say "We have uncovered 3 critical weaknesses" and leave the Falcons to sweat over them.
  9. That ****-eating grin he gave Rodgers was hilarious
  10. This thread may be tongue in cheek, but their offense is filthy and their D is about the polar opposite of the Packers'.
  11. Maybe it's a jealous seahawk that knows they'll have to come through that building next winter.