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  1. I think he'll make a team next summer/fall. Kind of late for him to join a team, probably not worth the distraction.
  2. I think Freeney is done, and Collins will sign somewhere next year, likely Cincy.
  3. Too bad. He's definitely got some serious talent -- let's hope this move doesn't come back to bite us.
  4. Very impressive, and incredibly honorable. All debts, public and private, paid — he’s redeemed in my book.
  5. I meant right now. Long-term he’s had that massive advantage.
  6. Cut Roberts and let’s get him reintegrated and up to speed for (I’m praying) a playoff run. I’d rather have Poe return kicks than that clown.
  7. Newton and Wilson. Bad scheming, subpar teammates (especially along the OL), etc. always means they shoulder an unfair burden. At least Cam has a great defense though.
  8. Wow, stuff like that usually happens to us hahaha.
  9. He runs falling forward
  10. Roberts is a waste of a roster spot. I’d rather Poe return kicks!
  11. He calls plays like a drunk.
  12. Of course, but we don’t give him MVP money.
  13. Sark needs to be fired if this continued. More proximately, if we take one more KO out of the end zone to the ~15 I’m going to scream.