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  1. Greatest Falcon ever. Bummed he wasn't a lifer, but it was an absolute privilege to root for him every Sunday for a decade. He deserved a shot at a ring. Whether Tennessee has the QB to make that happen is another story.
  2. Disagree — Trae is a complete stud, but Luka is going to be the best player in the league soon. Re: JJ, Godspeed. Best ever to put on the Birds’ uni.
  3. Greatest Falcon ever — privileged to have watched him live for a decade. Godspeed, Waffle House. Here’s to hoping you find what you’re looking for.
  4. I agree with the rip the bandaid piece (e.g. trade Matt and Julio for picks, start a journeyman, go BPA in draft), but moving for a QB now (even with the hypothetical moves above) doesn’t make sense in the current era unless you can fully utilize the early 3-4 years when he’s making ~15% of market value. But whatever — it’s done. Time to pray for a late career renaissance from Matt and JJ.
  5. Mediocrity is coming either way. That rookie QB of the future will be hamstrung by a crap roster (too much dead $$$) and by the time it sloughs off, he’ll be due his big deal, canceling out the massive advantage that is the rookie deal. The Falcons were committed to Ryan until ‘22/‘23 the second they handed him the new deal.
  6. It makes zero sense to draft a QB (or cut Ryan in the near term). The most valuable asset in the NFL is a rookie QB contract. You don't get that benefit (re: roster building) with Ice or his cap hit still on the roster. Gotta ride this one out.
  7. Watt wants to go to a winner.
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