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  1. Just doesn’t love the game — nothing wrong with that, but sucks for us.
  2. The real answer is probably some scrub who barely dressed out and we’re all forgetting. Taking into account prominence, along with draft position / FA cost, JA98 or Crisp Owens come to mind.
  3. Won’t happen for cap reasons. I hope he’s a Falcon for life, but if not, hope we trade him to a contender.
  4. Not that BedWetter provided much competition, but he was a great reporter and seemed a solid dude. RIP.
  5. I believe that’s right, but I think it’s the dead money, not the guaranteed remaining, that’s prohibitive.
  6. I agree completely, but he's going to get ~2 more bites at the apple whether it makes sense from a rebuild / organizational perspective or not. Even the 'out' in '22 comes with $27mm of dead money.
  7. Lawrence would undoubtedly be a boon, but 1) I 100% agree the Jets are realistically way worse and 2) our cap is such that (due to Ryan and Jones' contracts & dead money) we wouldn't be able to capitalize on the advantage that is paying a starting QB ~$5mm a year during his rookie contract. It'd probably make the most sense to deal the hypothetical #1 pick for a huge haul, then have a stacked team when we do get a new QB and are underpaying him, unless we truly think Lawrence is a ~Mahomes-level talent (I don't).
  8. I think he’s got some sort of injury. He’s never had a strong arm, but the zip is just totally gone, even vs. beginning of season.
  9. 10+ point blown lead in the second half and he’s done. Question then is whether it happens now or just at end of season.
  10. Issue is getting out from under Ryan’s contract enough to take advantage.
  11. We’re not bad enough to get Lawrence, for better or worse. Have you seen the Jets?
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