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  1. Julio. Basically unplayable for the better part of this decade and doesn't seem to be slowing.
  2. Best player in franchise history and it's not particularly close. Think he'd be HOF if he retired today.
  3. I’d finally be able to exhale. Being a Falcons fan is an emotional slog, to say the least.
  4. ROH, outside HOF shot. Best of luck, Matt!
  5. To be honest, I think we blew our three biggests shots in 1) 2017 (no explanation needed) 2) 2013 (Kap and Flacco -c'mon!) and 3) 2018 (we were better than the Eagles), in that order.
  6. Think the Chiefs or Chargers will win it, but hoping the Eagles do (without going into specifics, have a connection to the Lurie family).
  7. We have a QB that can throw, so I doubt it.
  8. JAX for a couple of firsts?
  9. Don't really care who wins, as long as they can head down to the Bayou next weekend and get a W there as well.
  10. Bound to happen when you spend all day wracking your brain for controversial 'hot takes' to make up for the lack of discussion material provided by the finished Falcons and Dogs, the horrible Hawks, and Braves still on vacation. Just got too close to the line, and we live in an outrage culture. Side note: my buddies and I used to constantly prank the late, late night guys when they were still trying the 24/7 format.
  11. Jason Peters is a bad, bad man. One of the best players in NFL history IMO.
  12. Why the **** would you show that replay?!?!?!