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  1. if we are only 4.5 million under the cap how will we have room to sign more free agents and draft picks
  2. does anyone know where to find the article that has Mike Nolan statting babineaux is one of the best players hes ever coached?
  3. I seen him projected as high as a 3rd or 4th at the beginning of the season. Georgia moved him around alot in the secondary so he is somewhat raw. The only thing that concerns me is his quickness and killer instinct, those are two things that are hard to "coach up".
  4. people put way too much stock in 40 times. Go look up his Vert, cone drill, and 20yrd shuttle and his times are comparable to some cbs i have seen people wanting to draft on this board.
  5. plug him in for 2-3 yrs and id be extremely happy. the man knows who to take care of his bodyand can be productive for another 3 seasons. Look at Tony G, many Te's drop in production around 30 but here he is almost 40 and still playing hard
  6. Snelling seemed to come in at a lighter weight during the past season. With the fullback problems we had this yr id like to see him pack the weight back on so we can use him more at fullback along with hb later on in games. Also with snelling being a pass catching threat it would be nice to see him and quizz in the backfield at the same time
  7. I seen Jackson break off runs this year that would compare to Turner when he first got here. He may be getting up in age but he still hits the hole with authority and runs like a wild man. Go watch his run vs the 49ers. He has the whole 9ers defense on his back, gets his helmet ripped off and is still mover forward for positive yards. Turner hasnt had a run like that in two years
  8. Shawn Williams called out the team not Commings. People bash T'eo for his 40 time but his 3 cone drill, verticle jump and 20 yrd shuttle were almost identical to Commings, who is 20lbs lighter. Commings cant convert to safety because he shys away from contact and isnt fluid enough in the hips to be a top cb prospect. He seems like a great team player who could posilby contribute on special teams 5th or 6th rd corner in my opinon
  9. He was at the georgia tech georgia game saturday. He leaned on the goal post with a uga hoodie and gave the players dap as they exited the field before the game. They showed it on the big screen and the stadium went wild.
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