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  1. The clout chase is strong in this thread. LMAO (FYI, I've been shot on 3 different occasions over the color of my skin. Unless you can personally match that, keep your faux-victimization to yourself and don't even bother mentioning me. Stick to football threads.)
  2. Uh oh! Comment COPS! Everyone hide your posts. (Also, I never made any statements regarding if DK was the cause or if it was by some coincidence that All-Pro backs and quality #2s washed out under him. But, by all means, project away.)
  3. How many RBs pro careers ended under DK? Turner Snelling Jackson Quizz (ATL/TB) Freeman Gurley(?) Even Doug Martin went from 1st Team All-Pro in 2014 to his Y/A being slashed in half before Willy Mo put him out in 2015, Dirk's OC year in TB.
  4. Good. I wish more teams would talk trash about us. If we played every week as hard as we play the Saints, then we would be a playoff lock every season.
  5. Yes, people are free to express their opinions on forums. Just like you are free to hijack their posts to push your own opinions, apparently. I have a feeling that if I started a thread titled "These Unis Are Amazing, Here's Why" you wouldn't have the same issue. Only because you said so. So glad you could make it.
  6. Thank you. That is exactly what I am saying. You can not find any evidence to the contrary because it, simply, does not exist. Also, yes, I did just "create a new thread to bash them." That much was stated in the original post. Can I go now, officer? (that is a "thought police" reference, in case you felt obligated to needlessly point that out as well)
  7. Kinda does. I didn't have any PERSONAL expectations/concepts on how I wanted them to look. I just think these look like pretty bad (not world ending, just bad). Easily Top (bottom?) 5 worst in the league currently. Stop projecting.
  8. I feel like maybe they should have done a background check... (also, trying to keep the "hate" off of the main thread)
  9. Don't worry, the usual thought police will be in here soon enough to call us all "haters."
  10. These do actually look like some knockoffs you would find at Walmart.
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