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  1. Much like Trufant, it is difficult for any DB to flourish in... whatever coverage it is that we have been trying to run.
  2. No... ... but I wouldn't be mad if we made the move.
  3. FFS Cody, tell us how you really feel... geez. Saints A+
  4. It is the subtle things like this that make me proud that he will represent Atlanta in Canton.
  5. I am always for drafting a legacy player. They tend to have a distinct mental advantage entering the league (both on the field and off).
  6. Looks like he hits defenders with pure pent-up anger.
  7. I am certain that the MAJORITY of the "comparisons" were either for the lulz or to point out the coincidence that we have signed 2 straight All-Star Rams RBs.
  8. Just like every season, the FALCONS are the biggest hurdle that the FALCONS need to overcome.
  9. You are probably right... and I'm okay with it.
  10. LMAO The scenario I saw was more like Julio picking up Gurley on the rebound. "They did what?!" pours wine "You deserve better than that."
  11. I am often more critical of Dimitroff than not, but Polk is part of TD's staff which means that TD still deserves credit. In all fairness.
  12. I would feel less anxious if we drafted a SS on the 3rd day.
  13. I was just thinking, wasn't the 46 basically just a reskinned gritz blitz?