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  1. Is it over the allegations?
  2. That's what we do. We have gotten alot of other team's backups paid over the years. Maybe it is a long term strategy to manipulate their salary caps?
  3. Wait, we have given up more yards due to penalties than we have gained running the ball?
  4. Our consistent bad play in PS, imo, displays how often we are simply outcoached. We don't have to win 'em, but the fact that we aren't even competitive highlights that our coaches cannot playcall success against teams fielding similar personnel.
  5. One big takeaway that I noticed is that we need to speed up our playcalling and get set quicker moving forward. Too often we were snapping the ball with minimal time on the playclock. We were basically giving an already blitz happy defense every opportunity to get a good jump on the snap without having to deal with hardcounts or motion.
  6. Question going all the way back to the KeKe hit on Cousins, how do the rules justify those kind of "incompletions" as not being intentional grounding. If the QB is in the pocket, the ball doesn't travel past the LoS, no receiver in the vicinity and it wasn't tipped... do the rules have a specific exemption for the QB being hit while in the throwing motion? Just curious.
  7. TE and RB screens would have been nice against this hyper-aggressive defense. They play too physical for WR screens.
  8. Vikings are a very talented team on both sides of the ball. The biggest thing holding them back is that they are predictable af. Luckily for them, we haven't made a gametime adjustment in years.
  9. Good news, we can only get better next week...
  10. I couldn't help but laugh at that pick.
  11. So not looking at the ball while impeding the WR isn't DPI anymore?