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  1. Trust me. New England knows exactly what they're up against. They have all the game film they need. I just don't think they're gonna be ready for the task at hand. The only people who will get a rude awakening come Sunday are all the clueless Pats fans who haven't watched a single Falcons game this year and assume the Lombardi is in the bag.
  2. I feel like with the loss of Shanny, that the offense will drop to somewhere in the top 5 and the defense will continue to improve to to 10 status. A top 5 O with a top 10 D will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come
  3. My best friend and I made a pact to get falcon tats of they win the big game about 8 years ago. One more win and I'll be getting my first tattoo
  4. Spoke those exact words to my buddy right when I saw his pic on this thread
  5. Why don't you ask Rodgers and his #1 pass blocking unit how many pass rushing threats the Falcons have.
  6. If we do win the big game, I can already see the headlines now. "Brady throws two picks to hand Falcons their first Superbowl." Or.... "Patriots D not good enough to get Brady his 5th ring."
  7. I personally thought we reached way too high for Neal where we took him in the draft, but I'm very happy to say that I was completely wrong on that assessmant. He was laying the wood on Bucs all over the field last night. Can't say I miss Willy Mo too much
  8. I'd take ATL to win straight up here all day and take home some real money
  9. With all of our pieces back on defense this week, I feel like this is the game where they really start to click and the Seattle O won't know what the **** just hit them. We hold them to 17 points in their house
  10. Columbus! Represent. We'll be at the game as well to witness history for the new Atlanta Falcons
  11. ***What? MV7 didn't make the top 7? Obviously Clayton has no idea what he's talking about! (*** denotes sarcasm)
  12. Good thing Bock is an idiot. Bringing in an over-the-hill, loud mouth, trash talking receiver would have never made me feel "Icky Balooky."
  13. Yes it is. Didn't you know that's how trolls operate. Blowing their own horn like they weren't stating the obvious in the first place. Losers
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