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  1. The Witcher 3, no contest.
  2. Did 'The Murph' today, bust started with 3 miles instead of 1. Legs are smoked.
  3. Now my dog is looking at me strange because I just gave him a very big hug...
  4. I stopped using powdered supplements years ago, but when I was using them, I tried almost everything on the planet. I came to realize, after years of trial and error, very few products work as advertised. Protein powder, Creatine Monohydrate, and a few others. There was one exception that sticks out: by far the best pre workout I ever used was this product: The effect is hard to describe. Its the best non stimulant energy I have ever felt. Give it a shot if you are in the market.
  5. Cheesy video, but a great song with a powerful message.
  6. Put my Spartan Beast class through this monster the other day (did it myself the day before) and out of a class of 13, 2 males and 1 female finished it. I have dubbed it, the "Death March": Run 1 mile to warm up then do 10 rounds of the following with no breaks: - 10 x Barbell Box lunge (each leg), men use 135lbs ladies use 90lbs - 100 yard farmer carries, men use a 45lb weight in each hand ladies use a 25lb weight in each hand - On odd sets (1,3,5,ect...)Pull-ups to failure, then hang until failure. On even sets (2,4,6,ect...) do chin-ups, then hang until failure. - 30 x Burpees
  7. That sucks bro. I hate it for you. Don't know if you have ever pulled a hammy, but one piece of advice I can give you is don't rush it. Hamstring is one of the easiest muscles to re-injure. Also might want to invest in a foam roller.
  8. Wow thats intense, maybe a little too much. I would have iced those hamstrings immediately.
  9. Also, did a Spartan Hurricane Heat last month at the Atlanta Spartan Sprint. One of the most intense things I have ever done (That's body heat, not fog):
  10. Anyone have experience running an ultra? I'm registered for the Spartan Ultra Beast ( later this year. In years past its been about 30 miles and 70-75 obstacles with an average finish time of 12 hour and a DNF rate of about 85%. I started training at the end of February. Putting in about 30 miles a week on top of my normal HIIT training. Looking to increase my mileage to around 50 miles a week by early August. Ran 15 miles doing 20 burpees every mile last Saturday and felt really good. Took me about 2.5 hours. This Saturday, I think I am going to lunge the entire Talmadge bridge and then do a burpee mile. The problem I am having is the lack of hills here in Savannah! Thinking about taking a weekend to drive up to Atlanta and train on Stone Mountain. Anyone have experience training for altitude and/or hills?
  11. I will be traveling to San Diego for work next week. I'm thinking about swinging by and checking this place out. Interesting stuff. <media>
  12. Representing our dirty birds: Me at the finish line of this years Carolina Spartan Beast race. 14 Miles | 32 Obstacles | Finished: 2:55:47 | Placed: 353 out of 6412
  13. What are your goals? The first step is to find something to keep you motivated. One of the biggest reasons people quit exercising is because they have a set goal, and loose motivation when they reach it, or they "just want to be in better shape", which rarely works out. While its admirable to want to be in better shape, the biggest question to ask yourself is: why? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to play in the NFL? Don't think of a goal that is unreachable, like "not die early" or "to just feel better". One of the first things I make people that I train do is to set a "hard numbered" goal with a date. Example: you can run a 10 minute mile now, you want to be able to run a 7:30 minute mile in 6 weeks. That is a "hard numbered goal". I find that making my clients sign up for some kind of event or race is one of the best motivators. I am training someone right now who is going to run the Spartan Carolina Beast in a month. He signed up 6 months ago. He has lost 28lbs, but has probably increased his muscle mass by 20%. When I started with him, it took him 12 minutes to run a mile. Hes now under 7. The point is, find something that will keep you coming back. Something that makes you go, even on those days you really just want to sleep in, or eat a crappy lunch. From the physical side; start with cardio. Get your cardio to a manageable level and you will perform better in all other aspects of fitness. Good luck to you.
  14. For anyone in the Savannah area, we are holding Spartan Group X classes at the Wilmington Island YMCA on Thursday's at 6:30pm and at the Pooler YMCA on Saturday's at 8:15am. A few of us are training to run as a team in the Elite Division for the Carolina Spartan Beast at the end of October. Like our facebook page for updates if you are interested:
  15. One thing I forgot to mention. A trainer will only as effective as you let them be. Follow their diet plan, no questions asked.
  16. Unless you are in NY or LA, that price is borderline rape. However, to answer your questions: -Why are personal trainers so expensive? That depends on a lot. The price that you quoted above is definitely on the high-end. However, there are several things that contribute to the trainers hourly rate: If the trainer works for a "Big Box" gym, it is very possible the club sets his price, these tend to be on the high side. Freelance trainers have a lot to consider when setting an hourly rate. If the trainer is in high demand, they tend to have a high rate. This is actually one of those situations that you get what you pay for (most of the time). If the trainer is in a large market (like LA or NY) they don't depend on consistent clientele, and can set the price high. If they size you up as a "high maintenance" client, they will typically charge you more. Its not fair, but its the business. - Moreover, are they effective? In short, yes. HOWEVER, you need to size them up first before committing. Ask around your gym. Find out what the general attitude is about that trainer. If people say "Yeah, he/she is good, I lost xlbs in x weeks" STAY AWAY. If clients or former clients WARN you about how hard their program is, sign yourself up. I am an elite athlete and I have a trainer. I am very capable of training on my own, but she puts me at the level that seems almost unreachable on my own. She commands a heavy price, but she knows her sh1t. Not only is she knowledgeable about human anatomy and biology, but she is a motivator. On a side note, she is a former American Gladiator. Funny, now that I actually think about it, I pay someone an absurd ammount of money to make me hurt so bad, I can't even sit without crying like a 3 year old... And I'm not even into BDSM...
  17. I wonder who will be cast as Randyll Tarly. I always Imagined Vinne Jones with slightly more grey: Confirmed that Pedro Pascal will be playing Oberyn Martel: Shame. I always thought this role was made for Antonio Banderas...
  18. Dany's chapters in ADWD do get a little stale. Fortunately, John Snow's chapters pick up the dead weight. I also think that Victarion Greyjoy will be the next character to rise from the ashes to become a fan favorite. I can't help but picture this man when I read his chapters. I hope that gets cast for the role: Vladimir Kulich as Buliwyf in "The 13th Warrior" for those who are interested. He also did Ulfric Stormcloak's voice in Skyrim.
  19. Anyone else kind of irked that they are using that character "Locke" in place of Vargo Hoat? I was really looking forward to seeing him on screen.