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  1. Did 'The Murph' today, bust started with 3 miles instead of 1. Legs are smoked.
  2. I stopped using powdered supplements years ago, but when I was using them, I tried almost everything on the planet. I came to realize, after years of trial and error, very few products work as advertised. Protein powder, Creatine Monohydrate, and a few others. There was one exception that sticks out: by far the best pre workout I ever used was this product: http://controlledlabs.com/product/purple-wraath-ergogenic-essential-amino-acid-matrix/. The effect is hard to describe. Its the best non stimulant energy I have ever felt. Give it a shot if you are in the market.
  3. Put my Spartan Beast class through this monster the other day (did it myself the day before) and out of a class of 13, 2 males and 1 female finished it. I have dubbed it, the "Death March": Run 1 mile to warm up then do 10 rounds of the following with no breaks: - 10 x Barbell Box lunge (each leg), men use 135lbs ladies use 90lbs - 100 yard farmer carries, men use a 45lb weight in each hand ladies use a 25lb weight in each hand - On odd sets (1,3,5,ect...)Pull-ups to failure, then hang until failure. On even sets (2,4,6,ect...) do chin-ups, then hang until failure. - 30 x Burpees
  4. That sucks bro. I hate it for you. Don't know if you have ever pulled a hammy, but one piece of advice I can give you is don't rush it. Hamstring is one of the easiest muscles to re-injure. Also might want to invest in a foam roller.
  5. Wow thats intense, maybe a little too much. I would have iced those hamstrings immediately.
  6. Sure, it may be 'by the book'/what your college professor teaches you or make for prettier text. But strickly speaking, it most real world situations, it just makes for more of a hassle. In my case, I am on a very aggressive 3 week build cycle with the applications I work with, and working in a solution that has 200+ projects, it waste vast amounts of time having to sift through code.
  7. Nothing that bothers me more than when someone builds an interface that only has a single class that implements it or ever will implement it. Even worse than that is an object inheritance structure that is 6 layers deep. I hate when you have to dig through an objects family tree only to find that the property/function you were looking for is 4 layers deep.
  8. Also, did a Spartan Hurricane Heat last month at the Atlanta Spartan Sprint. One of the most intense things I have ever done (That's body heat, not fog):
  9. Anyone have experience running an ultra? I'm registered for the Spartan Ultra Beast (http://www.spartan.com/events/?event_id=583/vermont-ultra-beast) later this year. In years past its been about 30 miles and 70-75 obstacles with an average finish time of 12 hour and a DNF rate of about 85%. I started training at the end of February. Putting in about 30 miles a week on top of my normal HIIT training. Looking to increase my mileage to around 50 miles a week by early August. Ran 15 miles doing 20 burpees every mile last Saturday and felt really good. Took me about 2.5 hours. This Saturda
  10. Ill be there early. Doing the Hurricane Heat at 5:30am and another open heat at 10:30am. Any other AFMB members racing?
  11. Ummm the syntax is a huge negative. The learning curve adds overhead that frankly just doesn't exist with other C family languages. I still fail to see your logic in separating Information Technology and CS. I am a developer, I am dependent on many other areas of my company's IT organization. I depend on server admins to build, maintain, and patch my application servers. I depend on DBAs to optimize and backup my applications databases. I depend on project managers to define the scope of work and set deadlines for projects. You see where I am going with this. By definition "Information Techn
  12. It was bad wording on my part. What I meant was, iOS is really the only modern OS that uses Objective C. In iOS, you are allowed to use more or less any language that will compile with the same object format as Xcode functions. As far as I know, you still can not use a Just-In-Time compiled language unless you pre-compile all binaries before submitting the code for review. This may have changed, as I have not done any iOS development in a few months. Either way, it discourages use of most other languages by developers. I classified computer technicians in the same category because most (g
  13. Seeing as how I am in an almost identical situation as you OP, Ill throw in my 2 cents: True tech people tend to be bigger fans of Android than iOS. Before I am crucified, let me explain what I mean by "True tech people". People that work in IT, that have experience and an understanding in the deeper aspects of "Computer Science" (ie. Software Developers and Computer Technicians) typically gravitate toward Android, as it has many more power user functions. Other people in IT (Project Managers, Business Analyst, Consultants) gravitate toward iOS. I'm not saying this is always the case, but
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