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  1. The Witcher 3, no contest.
  2. Did 'The Murph' today, bust started with 3 miles instead of 1. Legs are smoked.
  3. Now my dog is looking at me strange because I just gave him a very big hug...
  4. I stopped using powdered supplements years ago, but when I was using them, I tried almost everything on the planet. I came to realize, after years of trial and error, very few products work as advertised. Protein powder, Creatine Monohydrate, and a few others. There was one exception that sticks out: by far the best pre workout I ever used was this product: The effect is hard to describe. Its the best non stimulant energy I have ever felt. Give it a shot if you are in the market.
  5. Cheesy video, but a great song with a powerful message.
  6. Put my Spartan Beast class through this monster the other day (did it myself the day before) and out of a class of 13, 2 males and 1 female finished it. I have dubbed it, the "Death March": Run 1 mile to warm up then do 10 rounds of the following with no breaks: - 10 x Barbell Box lunge (each leg), men use 135lbs ladies use 90lbs - 100 yard farmer carries, men use a 45lb weight in each hand ladies use a 25lb weight in each hand - On odd sets (1,3,5,ect...)Pull-ups to failure, then hang until failure. On even sets (2,4,6,ect...) do chin-ups, then hang until failure. - 30 x Burpees
  7. That sucks bro. I hate it for you. Don't know if you have ever pulled a hammy, but one piece of advice I can give you is don't rush it. Hamstring is one of the easiest muscles to re-injure. Also might want to invest in a foam roller.
  8. Wow thats intense, maybe a little too much. I would have iced those hamstrings immediately.
  9. Also, did a Spartan Hurricane Heat last month at the Atlanta Spartan Sprint. One of the most intense things I have ever done (That's body heat, not fog):
  10. Anyone have experience running an ultra? I'm registered for the Spartan Ultra Beast ( later this year. In years past its been about 30 miles and 70-75 obstacles with an average finish time of 12 hour and a DNF rate of about 85%. I started training at the end of February. Putting in about 30 miles a week on top of my normal HIIT training. Looking to increase my mileage to around 50 miles a week by early August. Ran 15 miles doing 20 burpees every mile last Saturday and felt really good. Took me about 2.5 hours. This Saturday, I think I am going to lunge the entire Talmadge bridge and then do a burpee mile. The problem I am having is the lack of hills here in Savannah! Thinking about taking a weekend to drive up to Atlanta and train on Stone Mountain. Anyone have experience training for altitude and/or hills?
  11. I will be traveling to San Diego for work next week. I'm thinking about swinging by and checking this place out. Interesting stuff. <media>
  12. Representing our dirty birds: Me at the finish line of this years Carolina Spartan Beast race. 14 Miles | 32 Obstacles | Finished: 2:55:47 | Placed: 353 out of 6412