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  1. the perks of garbage time yards. The Bucs know well!
  2. How many pass interference penalties is that for the Saints???
  3. its just one game. and Yes I am sure Matty and Julio will put up numbers like they do every single year. But theres a long list of players that have put up numbers and dont win. Playing from behind is always going to inflate these passing numbers. I am just really concerned about the D on how we allowed Russel Wilson treat it like a playground going 31 for 35.
  4. considering its just one game without a preaseason, tough to judge the rooks so quickly.
  5. Wasn’t a penalty in my books. We are never gonna hear the end from Saints fans about no-calls.
  6. Yep, pro football focus has ranked him as the worst ranking CB this season.
  7. This is what I think too. Ravens a better overall team. But I just think that Wilson is the type of player that can have a little bit a magic in the playoffs even though they have some stumbling injuries.
  8. The pats at the start of the season compared to now. Are totally different stories. I’m really not sure all of this is to blame on the demise of Brady. But really the overall personal is average.
  9. Hawks on the road in Philly. But technically all favorites.
  10. I am from Toronto. So I keep looking at the box scores each night in the NBA to see if the Hawks have lost. Haven't been too happy with the results, frankly I don't understand how this team is winning so much.
  11. I have a feeling this offense is going to be special this season. I think explosiveness was improved when adding Julio, and the playbook will be adjusted for bigger playsd. I do think the offense will be well balanced with running the ball.
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