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  1. GB -3 didnt work out....thought it would have been too many road games, beating a team in a regular season is not much of an advantage with the adjustments you can do. Lets go KC -3!!
  2. Clearly it was too obvious. A Jersey hold is so easy to call on the most important play of the game.
  3. looking back....kicking the FG didnt do anything for them. It was still a touchdown game, and at worst if they dont make it. Your D has the bucs close to their endzone to try and make stop.
  4. They needed to go for it on 4th Down. leaving your faith in Brady's hands is deadly.
  5. I feel like there could be a storyline at the end of this game about the 2 pt conversion....
  6. 2 straight 3 and outs for the Packers offense.....they gotta step up now
  7. still furious over my browns bet over 9.5 pts 1st Half. Thanks to a ridiculous fumble. BAD BEATS.
  8. too bad...I was looking forward to seeing if Baker could have pulled it off if he had another chance.
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