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  1. I mostly made this post because I figured if I didn't someone would... keeping on the tradition on these boards
  2. Not sure about this DT with a 3rd round pick - desperate move or player they wanted all along???
  3. Security is at MBS looking for his missing ring. Dang, 2 missing earrings in less than 6 months for this guy! 500k per earring too!
  4. I like close games too. That's what the other 12-14 games are for !
  5. Not exciting for who..? I'll take a 40 point win every week - can't be up 40 without scoring 40 pts. Unless thats 11FGs and 1 TD, I'm not sure what you're talking about!
  6. I'm excited too and I'm up on these boards just running off adrenaline... but it also drains a lot out of me with the ebbs and flows.
  7. As much as DEBO played like a beast--- WES saved the season. There were 3 Saints around that fumble. Can't believe Freeman played so loose at that point with the football. Really disappointing
  8. If football and the NFL is supposed to be a hobby and being a fan is supposed to be fun... why do I always have the biggest headaches and why does my heart hurt so much after every game WIN or LOSE? Serious Question - do all other NFL fans (except for the Pats and Steelers fans) have this same gut wrenching feeling? Sometimes I just don't know why I do this to myself... On another note - thank you Sweitzer ! Made going to work okay tomorrow
  9. No 200 yards today. Oh well, Phew ! Take The W instead Gotta fix up these fkn mistakes and boneheaded plays and come out and kill the Bucs next week
  10. I got a good feeling that offense will be in sync. Think the OFFENSE will need to carry this team today. Break out game for Julio & I expect our TEs to be active !!
  11. The best play of the game that will be forgotten was the 2nd down play in the 1st half where the Cowboys went low and even without the flag I was just happy it didn't end Ryan's season. Because for 25 / 32 QBs that's a torn ACL. Same feeling / type of hit from the Eagles game back in 2014(?) that i thought ended a season ... but even back then he just walked it off and came back. No offense to QBs like Bridgewater, Watson or Rodgers but could you say the same for them?
  12. What are your serious expectations for this game with a brand new OC, a road game to start the season? Vegas has ATL -7 I expect a 7-14 point win. Will be very happy with anything over 17 points. Would still be happy with any point margin W but if we lose, would seriously change my expectations for the season... Lets go! Prediction. Ryan 66% comp, 290 yds, 3 TD Freeman 24 rush, 125 yd, 1 rush TD J Jones 7 Rec 90 yds 1 TD Beasley 1 sack Trufant makes a big impact play Poe/Jarrett eat 1 def TD 38-14 First TD ... Sanuuuu
  13. When I used to live in Vegas, there was not another falcons fan in the entire city. Last night I got a few text messages from friends back home I haven't heard from in years!
  14. Wish I had a clip of his show. Basically called us this years panthers and that we beat up a weak NFC south. That we were the media darlings and the less sexy patriots were gonna beat us easily.
  15. Refs get an A+ yesterday. Especially when they picked up that flag on Alford's hit. I love it when they admit they're wrong and pick up a bad flag.
  16. Brian pooles family at 4 min mark. Lol or some really die hard fans of our nickel corner!
  17. Wow... he's the biggest tool of all today! Are you kidding me? Your first topic is if Atlanta even has a chance? Look at the pain in his face!!! Was on Fox pregame yesterday saying he's going all the way with Rodgers!
  18. Agree to a point. Falcons can't lose this game if they don't turn the ball over the rest of the game and put up at least 14 more.
  19. Super Bowl will be packed regardless of teams. Will be full of bandwagon fans. Esp if it's NE... hoping to get enough ATL support there. Preferably those without the tags on their merch still on I'll keep you updated if we win today! Will call em immediately after the game.
  20. Nice man! Wish I could go. Work schedule won't allow me to. Where in Canada?
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