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  1. LOL won't let me start a new thread but just looked at matt ryan's wikipedia... his playoff #s are god-like. HAHA. this is why i never use wikipedia for my research papers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Ryan
  2. Norwood. I'm not 100% but isn't Mcclure a FA as well after this year? I'm okay with it because the kid Hawley from UNLV can ball... saw him play his college ball in Vegas and from the looks of things when he has gotten some PT, he looks like another scrappy player on the OL.
  3. Michael Lombardi is a tool, and so is Jason La Canfora on NFLN... gotta miss Adam Schefter... he was the real deal when it came to breaking news and getting inside information... Seems like whenever La Canfora breaks a story, he has to SPY or INSINUATE things to get a story... never felt that way with Schefter who just reported what he was told...
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