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  1. WTH. I just went back in the thread and you are the one bringing up Saban, Bama and Tua. Responses are to your comments. You are obsessed with Bama. Your team won. Kudos. This discussion was focused on UGA and it's quarterback discussion until you made it about Bama.
  2. I'm not blaming Saban. I think Saban is a great coach. This has nothing to do with Saban. This was about your comments regarding Tua. I said that Kirby hasn't done a good job managing the quarterbacks. This year isn't over. Maybe Daniels, Mathis or Beck is the guy to make the offense dynamic the rest of the year.
  3. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/5/17/17367144/alabama-tua-tagovailoa-transfer-usc-national-title-game Tua said it himself. And it matters because your argument is that because he got to pass some in those blowouts it made him want to stay. That was not the case, unless this link is inaccurate.
  4. Poor job managing. Eason, Fromm, Fields were all at Georgia. Team didn't get the most out of that trio. That is the biggest failure by Kirby. Then this year one transfer fell through and the other has medical issues he's just getting over. Remaining guys are fairly new. Bennett seems to be well coached all things considered. Experience is lacking right now from the unit. I'd love to see the others get a shot. Were they just completely wrong on Mathis? Will Daniels be ready this season? Beck? It's a shame though, because the defense is Championship caliber.
  5. Great time to lose. Bye week ahead gives time to improve and tweek a few things. Disappointing loss. But this has been a two quarter team all year. They have to put together a full game. I like Monken. Players had their chances to make plays and didn't make enough. I hope this week is an open competition at QB. The moment was to big for Bennett or the opponent was to good. I actually wish they ran the ball more last night as it was working. Shorten the game and maybe remove the turnovers. Defense didn't make enough plays. It's a good but not great unit. Not enough pressure up front
  6. Defense a little overrated, but offense doesn't help much at times. If they make it to Atlanta, the secondary and passing game have to get better.
  7. Going with something a little exotic hopefully. Elephant 🐘 😁
  8. Hope we get a good game tomorrow night. I don't see the Dawgs winning this one. The Alabama defense will look better against the Georgia offense that doesn't play fast. And while Bennet has been a great story, I just don't think he has the arm needed. His deep balls don't cut it. Maybe the offensive line comes to play and the running game carries the offense. I'm more looking forward to the other side of the ball. Bama averages 51, Georgia gives up 12. That's 31.5 average. If this defense is what many think, they hold them under 30. Bama 27 - Dawgs 20 Me: 🧉🧉🧉🧉🧉🧉
  9. Will be thoroughly disappointed if there is no game. What would be strange is if they move it to 12/12 and both teams have divisions locked up. They could play back to back weeks
  10. Great idea! Going to do the same with a nice beverage to compliment.
  11. The guys at Georgia are good. Tank might be great. Kenny is so much better than what I thought from the recruiting profiles. He looks like the starter right now. Milton looks good if his ball security tightens up.
  12. Blown coverage? Good coverage that didn't finish and good offense on those plays.
  13. Why Georgia slow played Tank Bigsby is beyond me. He's better than anyone on Georgia's roster.
  14. Beating Bama would be a nice surprise but one I'm not expecting
  15. With his catch radius it's worth a shot sometimes if he is one on one regardless
  16. Receivers aren't getting open. They are man and stacking box
  17. Bennett does well, I just don't see him being enough. Arm limitations shrink the field.
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