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  1. 10 or I'm really going to wonder about coach. I'll take nine if it includes Florida
  2. Fields would be a great get. He could anchor the 2018 class. I wouldn't get my hopes up though.
  3. This is a terrible job of instate recruiting. You can't lock down the borders, but it's got to be better than this.
  4. Did the team practice yesterday or today? Saw no updates
  5. I think no more coaching changes until there is an AD change.
  6. I hope big Trent is going to be okay.
  7. I think Rocker did a good job this year. I have high expectations for the line next year because of that. Overall I guess I would say he was above average. Not as good as I hoped when hired but he was under different coaches so that could be a factor
  8. The lineman that came last year was pretty good. Also brown was coming until... You can't get the top guy all the time. Plenty of talent on that line for new coach. His recruiting was fine, not stellar.
  9. Any word on Bryce Ramsey leaving/staying? Kirby in some comments talked as if Fromm would be the backup and then Kirby also mentioned graduates leaving to hit the 85 number.
  10. Well, that tells me how they feel about Blankenship. Wonder if he sticks around. If I were him I would look for any school that could help financially and fit my major.
  11. So did Georgia just add a kicker who will be on scholarship? I've seen conflicting information.
  12. Very surprised Georgia took all these DB's. If there were other positions turned away... I don't understand it.
  13. All I know about is the recent incident. If there is more then I wouldn't want the headache. But if it's just that issue and he's got potential then I'd take him. Most of these kids probably smoke, just a matter of who gets caught.
  14. Every year there are rumors like this and they are not true a great majority of the time. Won't get my hopes up. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised. Now this Robinson kid would be a nice late pick up to replace Collins. Any chance on him?
  15. Solomon's addition to this class would have made it completely satisfying. Now it may only be really satisfying. Slaton would be a nice replacement. Personally hope Wyatt signs as well. If they can't get those guys then save the scholarship or use at another position.