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  1. Torn on Mathis situation. Part of me hoped he would give it up. Brain surgery and continuing to play football don't seem like a good combination. I know doctors are clearing him, but doctors are really making very educated guesses. KD was cleared and his Achilles tore after being told that his current injury didn't increase chance of worse injury. With that said, I hope he is healthy and balls out.
  2. What would be considered a strong finish at this point for the current class? Some of the bigger targets look like misses such as Sewell, Evans, Johnson,... What does that leave? Washington Burch Ringo Walker Arian Smith If 3 of 5 pick the Dawgs, who else is there for the other spots?
  3. Coming into the season I was worried about the d line and not the quarterback. I know nothing
  4. LSU doesn't have a great defense and Georgia does ball control. There is a shot
  5. Georgia has no passing game. They need to find something that works for these receivers
  6. Good job Coley. Please continue
  7. Been too busy this year to get much football in other than just watching the game (that includes radio). Would love for you to elaborate as I definitely am not an expert. I know Georgia has talent at receiver, yet they are rarely open. I attribute that in part to the plays that are being run which includes the routes. It's not like the receivers everywhere else are more talented. So can you provide something more than just I don't know what I'm talking about? Enlighten me.
  8. I wouldn't say the offense sucks, but it is lacking in a lot of ways which kills any confidence a fan should have. When I watch other teams with less talent, they seem to always have guys running open at some point. That rarely happens for Georgia. There are issues with the route combinations. And when they do throw the receivers aren't usually in a good position to get yards after the catch. They are running outs or come backs or sitting in zones. Not many slants or posts. I personally think the lack of diversity in the running game hurts the offensive line as well. Those guys are good, but when the safety is coming down to make the stop there isn't much they can do. If they are that determined to run, then bring back the fullback. Run outside and inside. Be creative with the pulling of offensive lineman. Maybe they are doing this and the kids combined with the Crown Royal is affecting my memory, but the runs sure look the same. TOSS SWEEP!! No idea who wins, but I think I go Gators 31 Dawgs 28.
  9. Kirby is horrible at time management
  10. I don't think it's the line. Everyone knows what is coming
  11. I'm not sure what the offense can change in one week other than execution. Hopefully the bye week brings some wrinkles.
  12. I enjoy this conversation, but it is also a let down when I see the recruiting thread updated and its not recruiting related. Is there another thread better suited for this conversation? Like the game week thread or UGA news?
  13. Thanks for the information. I still don't like the play call.
  14. I found this post interesting enough to go back and watch the fake for the first time since that game. It was painful enough the first time I saw it. Watching the replay makes me wonder why a timeout wasn't called when they were playing regular defense. That has to be the all time worst call and panic move. But you say that someone was coming open on the slant. Fields appears to be scrambling at the point someone is about to come open. Could he have shown more poise and kept his head up? Maybe, but considering his experience and the situation I doubt many people would have with someone bearing down on him from behind. Also, it looks like the original play was an option to the left that didn't look to have much potential to gain 11 yards. Was it an option? Or was it intended to be a fake that would then lead to the slants coming from the right?