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  1. Decent first half. lots of room for improvement.
  2. Was it ever said why he was kicked off of the team? Hard to have any nice words for him going to the Gators.
  3. I get your point. I'm just under the impression everyone knows what this is about and that he's using this as an excuse for a waiver. At the same time, I work at a place with one jerk and people know that others are leaving because of that person. They don't assume it's because of everyone else.
  4. Is he saying UGA is racist university or that the incident that was racist made him feel uncomfortable?
  5. This point seems to be ignored. Something happened and he gets to use it. No one can tell him that it doesn't make him feel some kind of way. It is weak, but since it did happen he gets to use it. As far as I'm concerned, for all the things they suspend players for like jersey sales, why are people so upset that he gets to pull one over on them? Either way he's not at Georgia anymore and while he was at Georgia it seems like he worked hard unless Kirby just lied to the media.
  6. If Coley gets passed over will he stick around? Seems like he would leave as well and another spot would need to be filled. I know Coley isn't the option most want but having some continuity going into what I thought could be the year the dawgs finally get over the top would be nice.
  7. I'm curious to see the Vols offense next year as well as Georgia's. I've wondered how much Smart prevented the offense from being opened up at times.
  8. Some people on here a little to mad. Wishing harm on people? So what he finds a loophole to play next year. All the other stuff that is against student athletes. This won't reflect badly on Georgia at all. Georgia still got the number two class. Attacking the kids character and his family? They have done nothing to hurt anyone. And if he was so bad to the team why did they let him play in bowl game? If things like this get you upset enough to wish harm on someone, you need to look in the mirror and think how badly this reflects on you
  9. He must have zero confidence in the staff developing him otherwise he would stay and redshirt. Or I guess the staff said a redshirt wasnt an option
  10. They need to play to Formm's strengths more next year. The staff has hitched their wagon to him so now let him loose. I really want to be wrong about Fromm, but I just don't see anything special. I also really want a more mobile guy so I'm somewhat biased. But imo, if you can't create with your legs then you need to be on more than Fromm seems to be
  11. Ok, but an explanation would have been nice. No expert on recruiting but the class seems to be fine and no one was lost because of this. It's not like kids wouldn't have known that were close enough to him to let it affect their decision anyways. If the Stephenson kid has a problem with that baseball player and how it was handled then he can go elsewhere. Number two class is pretty good. My question was to better understand how a transfer timing affects recruiting for my future knowledge. I just don't see when a kid should do it if not before the bowl game. Food did the same thing right?
  12. My understanding is the coaches new before the leak which helped them flip a quarterback. But I here criticism on the timing and honestly want to know when the best time would be?
  13. When would a non dbag have told the staff he would pursue a transfer?
  14. That's what I would want but I know a lot of that is for selfish reasons. Seems like a good kid and I think he'll be a good player somewhere. I haven't heard anyone question his work ethic so I see success in his future
  15. I agreed with a lot of this post, but why the last paragraph? Seems like he has good reason to leave. There is also a guy ahead that he will likely not beat. Success isn't guaranteed anywhere but barring injury he would have only one year at Georgia since I think a redshirt is unlikely. He should have never come to Georgia if they didn't have a plan to get him two years that he was on board with in case he didn't win job.