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  1. Where are you getting that stuff from? Supposedly he was doing well in off season. We never saw enough this year to really judge. It also sounds like he's handling the current situation pretty well. I'm no insider but that is all the stuff I have heard here and elsewhere.
  2. Eason could leave and end up a very high draft pick. That is what is crazy to me. But Fromm has the job. But it wouldn't surprise me if Eason is number one overall pick in two years.
  3. Georgia comes ready to play, then they win 24-10 or so. If not, then I still believe they win but more like 20-17. The Vols seem way too complimentary heading in. I think they are ready and are going to come to play.
  4. The media is trying so hard to stay relevant. It is their livelihood so I can't blame them too much. I always try to go find the entire interview now.
  5. Dominate may not fully describe what happened. Annihilation maybe? I can't think of anything I've ever seen that was that bad against a major conference team.
  6. Team looked good tonight. If line could play just a bit better
  7. Put the drinks down
  8. Dawgs vs Dogs. This one looks a bit tougher than many may have expected coming in. Definitely looking forward to this one. It would be nice if Georgia's offense could give our old friend a rude welcome back to Athens, but that isn't very likely from what we've seen so far this season. I expect this to be a lower scoring game. Not sure who I'm picking to win yet. There was some good information provided on Dawgnation about the St. vs LSU game.
  9. He needs lots of snaps. The more the better. He may be needed at some point and hopefully his last performance was partly rust.
  10. Salyer will be the next commit. Wild guess
  11. That schedule tells me Georgia better win them all cause it's weak
  12. The long anticipated game is upon us. The game got quite a bit more interesting now that Fromm will be the starter, and Ramsey is the backup. The latter scares the **** out of me. Hopefully Georgia's offense comes out and plays to its strengths this week.
  13. At one point I thought this but if you look at what Chaney said before season and the things smart has said it is Smart wanting that style. I must be the only one but I'm disappointed in the line coach. The team couldn't run on a much smaller line. Maybe they will be better against bigger lines. At some point you have to be able to line up and get tough yards. I doubt Georgia's ability to do that
  14. Fromm is better in shotgun, just like Eason