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  1. Why would he leave for the same job? Guess Kirby is to involved for his liking?
  2. Seems like Grant would be useful this coming year. Best of luck to him if he's gone.
  3. I don't know. Daniels might make him look a lot better if he can get on the field. He made some plays once JT got in this past season. But, I'm not expecting much.
  4. The kids should have to wait two years before a no penalty transfer. There is so much change that first year out of high school for everyone. Dealing with change and working through it is a healthy part of becoming an adult. Plus you should have some consequence for the decision to go to a school. Giving players more rights is a good thing, but is the way there being implemented the best?
  5. Out of curiosity, where would you suggest one go? Who or what system has proven results? I used to think pro style but I'm not sure that is so true. I haven't taken the time to see what system some of the young successful NFL qbs have come from. Maybe talent is talent and you have to be in the right situation.
  6. I guess I don't understand how he didn't gain anything? If he stayed he likely is the back up another year and then learning a new system this year. What an I missing? And you didn't say he wasn't good. Didn't mean to imply that
  7. That bank account is a pretty big deal. What does Fromm really have over him? He can read a defense better? He does well preparing? Fromm may never even suit up in a game in the NFL. If Fields wasn't any good would Georgia fans be concerned at all? Nope.
  8. The decision worked out great for him. I bet he also has better NFL career than the guy he didn't beat out. Made it to the playoff twice. Heisman finalist. Big Ten Championships. Didn't have to sit out a year.
  9. How was that catch not a touchdown? I walked away thinking it was a sure score
  10. I hope they make it as well. I don't know why they left. Lots of reasons to stay, and lots to go.
  11. Those are good reasons. But not choosing that route after four or five years is fine as well especially if they have a degree. I admit I assumed they had their degree with summer school and four years. I disagree with criticising them as if they are foolish for wanting to move on.
  12. Yeah. I guess it's crazy. If their seniors I just don't see why they would be criticized for not coming back. They are seniors right? Does that not make sense? What does coming back do for them? Maybe Daniel could get more PT.
  13. Why would Daniel and Webb return? Their seniors. Probably have their degree or very close. It's not like they are going to get much better at Georgia (imo). I think they take there shot and if it doesn't work move on with life. Can't play forever. Why take more hits for free?
  14. Campbell could have really used another year. I hope it works out for him. He could be a day 1/2 guy with another year, but I don't see that for him this year.
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