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  1. I thought we'd have more excitement. Not sure I've ever been more curious about the team, specifically the offense. Will Kirby actually let things open up? A mobile quarterback. Can he throw accurate passes? Will Cook get utilized in open space? Which receivers are going to step up? So much I want to see and there are no cupcakes this year.
  2. Are there going to be fans at the game? How many?
  3. Heck no. It's everywhere. I just took Kearis response as proof something occurred which I think you asked for.
  4. https://twitter.com/king_kearis/status/1308571054550454274?s=20
  5. Kearis Jackson said he remembers that night in his tweet. That verifies at least one incident. This could turn into a bad look publicly. That is why I hope something is done to counter what media or others might run with. I hope this is nothing more than guys wanting to play because I really look forward to UGA football and something like this if a bigger issue would make things difficult.
  6. Current players seem to support the statement put out be Reese which surprises me. It is very likely he is playing up the anguish caused to help his situation, but something(s) definitely occurred. Regardless of how this one turns out, there seems to be some issues in the Athens area that need to get cleaned up. UGA needs to flex its power being the financial juggernaut in the area. It should be made known loud and clear publicly that it is unacceptable for the police to mistreat anyone. And behind closed doors, if some heads need to roll or be placed in different positions then ma
  7. Heck yeah!! Can't wait to see what this years team looks like especially the offense. Hopefully the defense is as good as last year with more pressure on the QB. Dawgs 31 - Hogs 17
  8. Not sure if there is a thread for fall camp related discussions, but I'm curious what everyone is hearing about the QB competition. I pick up different takes every site I go to. In one place, JT looks the best. Then I read that Beck is looking like the guy. A few days back some were excited about Mathis. Hearing all the different opinions makes me concerned about the position. If the defense is as good as advertised, it won't matter as much.
  9. The Mondon news sure put a damper on my excitement for the Meeks commit. Not sure what is happening this cycle with the LB recruiting but the train will keep rolling.
  10. Is money in off-season that important? I don't see any big names signing with Hawks. Maybe if they make a big leap that changes.
  11. Trae is really good, but not Doncic at this point. Whether the trade was the right move comes down to how good Cam becomes.
  12. Torn on Mathis situation. Part of me hoped he would give it up. Brain surgery and continuing to play football don't seem like a good combination. I know doctors are clearing him, but doctors are really making very educated guesses. KD was cleared and his Achilles tore after being told that his current injury didn't increase chance of worse injury. With that said, I hope he is healthy and balls out.
  13. What would be considered a strong finish at this point for the current class? Some of the bigger targets look like misses such as Sewell, Evans, Johnson,... What does that leave? Washington Burch Ringo Walker Arian Smith If 3 of 5 pick the Dawgs, who else is there for the other spots?
  14. Coming into the season I was worried about the d line and not the quarterback. I know nothing
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