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  1. I was dead set against them (**** Commies) when I was younger, but as I got older my experience with unions has mostly been positive in my life, that and my work experience without them changed my mind about them. That and a whole load of other s*** has changed my mind about a bunch of stuff.
  2. I am pro labor pro union and I get it but I see them do way too much damage rather than good. It's the type of behavior that gives unions a bad name from my prospective.
  3. These are the only unions that someone can argue that unions are a bad thing and get me to agree.
  4. The same statement could probably be said about the white supremacist right wing domestic terrorists here in the US.
  5. I don't know if your into audio books or not but this one is worth a listen if you are.
  6. Once I got out of the cast I ran on mine for about 7 1/2 of my 8 1/2 years in service and Army doctors could never make up their minds if it was my ACL or PCL. Eventually (about 15 years) the way it was explained to me at the VA was that my PCL was completely torn and my MCL and ACL were healed but still stretched, and I only needed my LCL to function.🍻
  7. So they going to build a high speed submarine tube system? Kind of like the vacuum tubes at bank drive-thru but with water.
  8. Just a reminder that on this day in 1863 Union forces of the Army of the Potomac defeated Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg. Have a Happy 4th
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