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  1. Stay thirsty my friends
  2. redneck, REDNECK, Redneck, reDnEck. Yup
  3. Something got to be going on. Way back when I had it done I had no or very little discomfort after about a day and a half. I still had to wait a weak or so to make sure the procedure worked but that was about it.
  4. The sad/scary thing about this, is that there is a good chance that there are some nuts out there that truly believe that the Clintons are actually killing deer to cover up something.
  5. No... No, That would be proconfa
  6. Even if someone puts a badge on a pig, it's still a pig.
  7. So Dsouza is confusing the words leftist and liberal with the word libertarian then? It all makes sense now.
  8. Just another antisocial network.
  9. The thing about the Warren was a republican argument is that it sounds to much like the Democrats were the party of slavery argument.
  10. Wasn't one of the first things that Dump did in office was sign a bill or something like that to undo legislation to keep guns out of the hands of nuts like the Dayton shooter?
  11. This is a T-Shirt I would wear
  12. Break it, blame it, sell it. It's what the GOP does. It's a way to privatize everything.
  13. I live in the sticks, finding a good German bier is a beach. I usually sock up when I see some in my travels.
  14. Terrapin Rye is good stuff. It can be a bit filling