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  1. It's sad and I feel for the families, but I have driven in Texas, and they are the most aggressive and uncooperative drivers I have ever shared the road with. I'm surprised this doesn't happen every week there.
  2. Ahh... Arby's, home of the gelatinous roast beef type substance sandwich.
  3. I can't say that I have, but I believe you. From where I'm sitting the best I can tell the 2nd amendment and anti-abortion credo replaced the gospel of Jesus a long time ago. I'm pretty certain of this because I have never had someone try and change discussion on policy opinions with me by asking "But what about the love of Jesus" It's always been "Oh ya well what about_________"
  4. And that is how team anti-Christ is going to suck them in.🍻
  5. That would be the партия патриотов (partiya patriotov)
  6. Qualified immunity... I'm sure it's in the Bible somewhere. It's probably in the same book that says it's OK to tell lies about entire groups of people to win elections and start insurrections and ****.
  7. Yep... But only the people on one side of the discussion is trying to force the other to live by their opinion on the matter. ^^^ Until I see the so-called pro life crowd put their money where their mouth is when it comes this subject, I can never take them seriously.
  8. Does this mean he can no longer plead the 5th?
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