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  1. Sending good vibes for you daisy and the family. I have been there and it's always a rough choice.
  2. Too bad it can't happen with something like an initiative or referendum on a national level.
  3. My brother sent me a JJ Rise Up gradient jersey when we took the Senate. Ahhhh... The life of a Falcons fan.🍻
  4. The driver in the truck was obviously in fear for their life from that violent crowd of BLM protesters.
  5. Maybe if McEnany hadn't been such a lying sack of misinformation **** people would have spoken better of her. She made her own bed, **** her.
  6. I give a thumbs up to anyone he downvotes just cuz.🍻
  7. It is easy for me to look back with 2020 hindsight and judge the kid's teammates but I have to remember they learned it from someone, and as an old guy with plenty of regrets about choses I made in my youth I need to keep myself in check. That said, I still wish the story had a part in it where the rest of the team realizing what was happening to their teammate grabbed a slice from the box and munched it down so he didn't have to. I'm glad the coaches are gone.
  8. So, what does this mean for her? I can't read the article.
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