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  1. Only if it's black box and big enough for me to see it
  2. Don't do it!!!!! It's a gateway drug!!
  3. Start with mo fo's like this please
  4. Remington 1100 self-loading shotgun (16 gauge) with a poly choke Me too..
  5. My wife is a teacher, and she is like Drump can puck off. I'm ex-milatary. So as for me, if I was a teacher I would be like cool. you pay me the bodyguard salary of 65k+ a year on top of my teacher salary I'm in. Oh ya, my student loan would be paid off as well.
  6. Track the ammo. and anything for making it.
  7. Sounds like a start Iso. I'm lookin to get back into some cardio. I got away from it about a year ago and could use some motivation. I think it could be nice to have people about similar age group to help push.
  8. Any 50+ lookin to start some kind of fitness plan?
  9. Don't confuse everyone with facts... This is TATF!!!
  10. I'll take 120 knots doors pined back and the skids less than two feet off the ground over the crowd any day of the week.
  11. I'm a Falcons fan, but if I Had 60+k to burn. I sure as H3ll wouldn't pizz it away on PSLs. Could do a nice man cave with $$$ to spare.
  12. 43 pages
  13. Maybe he just looked at the big picture and thought to himself. He would rather try and fix the Bills offense than the Falcons defense.
  14. It's not over yet.