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  1. The 52% can call them selves Republican all the want, it doesn't make it so.
  2. That's a bit to larger than I was thinking. Not sure where I could put it. I'm thinking 4x4 and I think a 3 1/2 x 5 is looking to be my max. I will need to google DAWbox though. Thanks.
  3. One more off topic question: Does anyone have a WisperRoom they are looking to sell?
  4. Cool, I'm trying to teach my self but it's slow going between semesters. I'm more of a Kinesthetic learner. I've looked on YouTube which has helped some, but a lot of it goes over my head. I guess what I'm asking is can you suggest any good web sites that are helpful? the ones I've thought of spending $$ on some courses offered on YouTube but I just worry about getting ripped off.
  5. I hear what you are saying, but this just feels like some kind of in between the lines type of messaging to me, even down to the state level.
  6. I get that, but it sounds to me that Joe is saying if a legitimate investigation into Drump's crimes is going to become too much of an issue than just let him go and and move on. I'm not OK with that. I'm not wanting some made up bs like Drump pushes, I would much preferer that he gets nailed on a state level so he can't get some kind of anticipatory pardon from Pence. He has enough wealth that he will most likely never do time, but I would like to see him at least go broke defending himself for the rest of his days. The goes for his kids as well.
  7. This is a bad idea, way too many people doing time for so much less. Drump needs to face justice. No justice No peace.
  8. I could only imagine the look on my English comp professor's face if I had quoted OAN as a source and included it in the bib. I would have been better off using Wikipedia
  9. My wife would probably have explained to that parent that she would be happy explain to her child about Drump's frivolous law suits if that's what she would like. And you are correct they don't get paid enough.
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