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  1. No. Just discussing the fact that he was the best O lineman available.
  2. Solid signing. Just talking about him yesterday.
  3. Why fix what wasn't broken....I think Sark is here to make it even better. I'm glad they found someone that is able and willing to come in and adapt.
  4. Having Chicago week one might be boring but I think it's a good chance for everyone to knock the rust off and get our new coordinators feet wet with the team.
  5. It kind of bothers me that Quinn is still being more identified as former Seahawks DC than Atlanta's headcoach.
  6. I'm an hour north of Boston and it is gut wrenching listening to all my coworkers celebrate. Several tried to tell me all about the parade they attended yesterday. All I can do is just say congratulations and hope to get a replay about a year from now. I think a lot of things went way wrong after going so right in the game from play calling game management and execution and there is not one specific party that is responsible. I listen to NFL on Sirius and one of the announcers was knocking Ryan for holding the ball and not dumping it off to Free in 2 seconds instead of taking the sack. I wanted him to win season MVP but was worried that MVP usually doesn't end up winning the big game which certainly held true. I read these boards a lot and sure do appreciate the information and the kinship of loving this team. Nobody but us Falcon fans truly understand what it's like to be a fan of this organization.
  7. So happy for you guys!
  8. So thankful we have the talented humble Julio and not a self centered Diva.
  9. Brady knows the key to New England's defense is his offense. SPORTS Tom Brady says he was up until 1:30 am studying the Atlanta Falcons roster just hours after advancing to the Super Bowl Scott Davis Jan 23, 2017, 12:59 PM ET
  10. I live in New Hampshire and read this jack a$$ article last night. In my opinion it does not represent the mindset of the people around me. They are respectful and not arrogant about this upcoming game. The have all heard about the Buzzsaw the Pack ran into Sunday and if not down right aprenhenive they are at least not taking this team lightly. They all however do think we are silly for demolishing the perfectly good Dome. Great response to a writer who is disappointed he doesn't have a lot of fodder for his column the next ten days and is generating trash the only way he knows how.
  11. I'm in New Hampshire and am having a blast putting a little doubt in all the Pat fans.
  12. Welcome back. Stay a while.
  13. I hope they succeed for Atlanta and all of the fans around the nation (I'm up in New Hampshire) and 2017 improves for you.