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  1. Dirks scheme was mostly based on verticle stretch right so when he got into the redzone naturally the defense was more condensed. The crazy thing is he didnt change anything knowing that.
  2. Nah dirk was pretty terrible, he had a lot of 1 on 1 routes.
  3. Offense is always about taking what the defense is giving you. Defense as a scheme cannot take away everything it is numerically impossible. Second someone on the line does not indicate zone or man coverage. Its also usually the opposite if they are pressed up they have a zone behind or they have the flats especially talking about corners . Thats a different conversation though. The basis of football is the offense trys to take space from the defense and the defense trys to constrict space of the offense.
  4. Because that is the only way you were going to get deep passing against this front. IMO we needed more Quick game, catch and run.
  5. yes because play action is a long slow developing play especially when your play fake is from the wide zone. The back side de is un accounted for and you have to keep a back or te in to block him. This leaves you with 4 vs 7 for passing game, if they double ridley, 3 vs 5
  6. everyone was so busy talking about how user friendly the scheme is they forgot to play football
  7. Title says it all, yes a complimentary running game is nice and gives you another way to attack a D but running the ball to protect your LG cant be the entire gameplan.
  8. A pocket passer would take advantage of the 5 man rush with a quicker pass game. Hurts held the ball for a while on some of these big plays.
  9. they are playing a 5 yard hard deck no cover zone. They are supposed to rally and stop.
  10. Hal Mumme always said "if you run your script and it works just do it again.."
  11. Its not there. He is checking down to the swing after the first 2 reads are not there
  12. I think we need to go tite front and play from outside in. We should be able to eliminate inside runs with our front.
  13. I am interested to see how they respond to half time and adjustments . No way thats a catch
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