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  1. for someone that is supposed to be creative not seeing much...
  2. our outside backers/ nickle defenders need to hit that #2 reciever or this whole thing falls apart
  3. 2 high safety is the right call to play, our safeties are terrified of being wrong and Brady is just killing them under neith and over the backer. Going to single high would be a huge mistake.
  4. I need deion jones to not stop running in the middle of plays
  5. Absolutely, i think the missing aspect though is that even though you prep for these scenarios there is still a mental and phsyical stressor that may not be accounted for. Its like being in the military no matter how much working out you did and training there is no simulation for actual combat.
  6. it is exactly those additional factors that come into account when talking about conditioning. Competition pushes you harder than just regular work out not to account for the added mental load and adrenaline.
  7. You get into game shape by playing the game, you get into practice shape by training camp. There is no substitute for playing the game of football.
  8. The only time you struggle against larger opponents is if you are trying to do everything man vs man . Which does not make sense. Oline will always outnumber the pass rush so at a minimum you will have 1 double team. Pass coverage always has a plus 1 or 2 advantage on eligible receivers so there is always a advantage. As long as you dont try to solo block and only run man vs man routes there are ways to win.
  9. Man.... Matt aint no joke when it comes to setting teammates straight. I remember him getting on Tony G about something one time and Julio multiple times
  10. Good leader, he knew Mayfield was getting his *** kicked up and down the field but instead of berate him he tried to pump him up.
  11. IMO the best way to tell right now if it is man or zone is to look at the overhangs. If they are head up it is a give away for man, if the safeties dont cap the #2 its probably man.
  12. I hated the amount of intermediate passes they hit on us, without anyone around **** bugs the **** out of me.
  13. You can simplify learning coverages by thinking of them as two types Middle of the field open and middle of the field closed. In a single high look(cover 1, cover 3) it is considered closed because the saftey playing hash to hash(high school hash to hash) Middle of the field Open is split safety looks. (Most of the nfl bases out of a 2 high shell and rolls into a single high after the snap) . Now after that it is a numbers game, the offense will always have 5 eligible receivers, and the defense will rush 4 giving them 7 in coverage. if you play 2 deep you have 5 under zones, if you have 3 deep you have 4 under zones, 4 deep, 3 under zones. That is the trade off between coverages and that does not change regardless of the personal on the field. This is unrelated to this thread just thought i would help because searching coverages online gets complicated. What is cool about this to me is seeing Means carry the #2 under and in because he does not know if debo is out because of #3 that is some good understanding of LB under coverage.
  14. I am happy to see they at least are lining up in a odd front and 4i 0 4i . I am glad Deion is fast because his posture in these photos is disturbing.
  15. I think what people miss is the gameplan today was to play small ball and keep the defense on the field for as long as possible slowing down the front 4. The offenses penalties absolutely killed that game plan. Its not like once you get in a bad place you can just start making up plays or running stuff you didnt prepare for the week.
  16. they dont. Or they dont understand what they are watching
  17. Widezone run plays looked polished and the backs made quick reads and got up field. Inside run plays looked ok but need more work. CP - has a lot of burst MD - had a few open field moves that got him more yards Ryan - made quick reads and didnt force anything, made it to his check down most of the time. Rid - looked the part KP - rebounded from a dropped pass and caught a nice pass for a 1st even though he know the safety was coming down to blast him Oline look good in zone block bad in man blocking, and bad at picking up twists from the Dline. 4 rushers should not be 5 lineman . Defense, inside run defense looked good. Rallying to the tackle looked good. Very few blown assignments.
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