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  1. That give to Ovie was not a ball call, less time for the defense to react to the ball carrier, it was blown up by carolina tuner would have gotten worse results.
  2. hey if it aint broke dont fix it, no help over top lob to roddy
  3. No but maybe we can get the guys from replacements and maybe shane falco
  4. Nope. Their d is out playing ours. If our D steps up we can win. Our offense will struggle in 3rd quarter
  5. You mean panthers right? Offside calls arent that hard to miss. Im not a kool aid drinker but give credit where its due.
  6. You still could have caught that roddy, good bail by idiot db
  7. what defense panthers playing ? Havent been watching it
  8. Main reason I dont say players is they are not in position to make a play most the time. Even on that 3rd down Olsen could have caught that, the 2 db's where recovering he just dropped the pass.
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