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  1. 5 minutes ago, THEHEADCOACH said:

    I noticed how they skipped ahead Everytime to a point where Matt had cooled off, regrouped, and was trying to a motivator. They skipped all the butt chewing. I bet Matt got real colorful in those skipped spots. Boy, to be a fly on the wall at practice this week. People think Ryan is always Mr. Nice guy. Lmao

    Man.... Matt aint no joke when it comes to setting teammates straight. I remember him getting on Tony G about something one time and Julio multiple times

  2. 7 hours ago, Mr.11 said:

    @PeytonMannings Forehead and anyone else that wants to chime in. @Knight of God@youngbloodz

    I just watched some YouTube tutorials on the basics of defensive coverages. Trying to get more of an understanding of how this stuff works...

    So in basic Cover-1, you have one free safety covering the deep middle of the field, and 6 defenders underneath (3 LBs, 2 CBs, and 1 SS). On this play, Philadelphia was in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3WR), so the Falcons were in some variation of Cover-1 where there were 2 LB (Debo and Foye) and all the rest were DBs (Terrell, Oliver, Harris, Ritchie, and Harmon). Normally Debo and Foye would cover the back and TE, but in this case Pees switched it up and had Foye and Debo rush (in what appears to be a delayed blitz) and Means cover the back?

    Also, cover-1 can't be run in zone, right?

    EDIT: Scratch that. Means is covering the middle underneath (providing help for the slant), Foye rushes, and Debo is covering the back. Yeah that is confusing haha


    You can simplify learning coverages by thinking of them as two types Middle of the field open and middle of the field closed. In a single high look(cover 1, cover 3) it is considered closed because the saftey playing hash to hash(high school hash to hash) Middle of the field Open is split safety looks. (Most of the nfl bases out of a 2 high shell and rolls into a single high after the snap)  .  Now after that it is a numbers game, the offense will always have 5 eligible receivers, and the defense will rush 4 giving them 7 in coverage.  if you play 2 deep you have 5 under zones, if you have 3 deep you have 4 under zones, 4 deep, 3 under zones. That is the trade off between coverages and that does not change regardless of the personal on the field.  This is unrelated to this thread just thought i would help because searching coverages online gets complicated. 

    What is cool about this to me is seeing Means carry the #2 under and in because he does not know if debo is out because of #3 that is some good understanding of LB under coverage. 

  3. Widezone run plays looked polished and the backs made quick reads and got up field. 

    Inside run plays looked ok but need more work. 

    CP - has a lot of burst

    MD - had a few open field moves that got him more yards 

    Ryan - made quick reads and didnt force anything, made it to his check down most of the time. 

    Rid - looked the part

    KP - rebounded from a dropped pass and caught a nice pass for a 1st even though he know the safety was coming down to blast him 

    Oline look good in zone block bad in man blocking, and bad at picking up twists from the Dline. 4 rushers should not be 5 lineman . 

    Defense, inside run defense looked good. 

    Rallying to the tackle looked good. 

    Very few blown assignments. 



  4. Just now, jdawg4876 said:

    Dirk was terrible in the redzone I agree. but he could at least move the balls between the twenties and kick field goals. once again Matt Ryan going into the fourth quarter I think had a hundred and two yards passing let that sink in. that is high school, pee wee football bad

    Dirks scheme was mostly based on verticle stretch right so when he got into the redzone naturally the defense was more condensed. The crazy thing is he didnt change anything knowing that. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, jdawg4876 said:

    I mean I think people think I'm joking or being an a-hole when I say Dirk schemes players open better but he did and that's not a compliment bc dirk he was bad too.


    I do pretty much watch every Titans football game and like I said Arthur Smith is a decent play-caller when he has a great o line and a running back that can truly be a game-changer he does not have that here. so his two play action pass designs kept failing over and over again.

    Nah dirk was pretty terrible, he had a lot of 1 on 1 routes. 

  6. Just now, NUPE said:

    On the first drive for the eagles, the were in trips formation & ran a bubble screen twice in a row. They saw that the Falcons were in zone & playing 5 to 7 yards off. The next drive the eagles ran the same formation & saw the db’s up in the WR’s face indicating man coverage and they ran the read option with Hurts picking up a big gain. 

    that’s called taking what the D is giving you

    Offense is always about taking what the defense is giving you. Defense as a scheme cannot take away everything it is numerically impossible.  Second someone on the line does not indicate zone or man coverage. Its also usually the opposite if they are pressed up they have a zone behind or they have the flats especially talking about corners . Thats a different conversation though. The basis of football is the offense trys to take space from the defense and the defense trys to constrict space of the offense. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, NUPE said:

    I think whenever we tried to run PA & take a shot, our oline couldn’t hold up 

    yes because play action is a long slow developing play especially when your play fake is from the wide zone. The back side de is un accounted for and you have to keep a back or te in to block him. This leaves you with 4 vs 7 for passing game, if they double ridley, 3 vs 5 

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