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  1. the touch down with the corner route to the end zone. He played safety a couple of snaps.
  2. Concussion Protocol . Will likely miss this upcoming game.
  3. this has actually been bugging me he never uses his mouth piece, im glad it bothers someone else lol
  4. Yes thats on the DC to stress the oline protection rules and he just completely exposed they dont know the rules well enough to handle those looks where the 0 drops into coverage.
  5. This team has a ton of upside, but as a whole we have to get smarter football IQ is very low in general. For example Gage should have known to just go down and not try and hobble off the field. Isiah Oliver should have gotten a smash alert when the #2 is on the line of scrimmage that is a tell tell that #2 is going verticle for a smash concept. It blows my mind that veteran DB's ARE STILL GETTING BEAT BY SMASH IN THE REDZONE. this is something db's in high school football know how to handle. Quarters requires DB's that can count to 3 and line backers that understand their role in underneith coverage and we have neither. There was points in the game where our backers did not even fill on run plays .
  6. Our Oline as individual players is fine, they are really bad at understanding blitz's and pass pro as a unit.
  7. We had no business being in this game as close as it was through the 3rd.
  8. I think our Oline played Ok when TB was playing vanilla 4 man rush. When they started to bring 5 and 6 is when the lack of communication and frankly intelligence started to show up. Last week they got pressure with 4, this week they had to bring 5 or 6 to get pressure. Sadly our Center seems to be a bone head and does not know how figure out the overloaded side. CP, Pitts, Mike Davis, and Rid look the part I am not sold on Gage. Isaiah Oliver looked better at safety, but it was not really a big improvement. I am ready to see what Grant can do, we need safety play to make this defense work and we just are not getting it. DB's all look SUS.
  9. Pull back drill showing up on tape for the Wr's our db play outside of terrell has been terrible. Vintage Oliver.
  10. Not going to lie, Rid doesnt seem like the smartest player from everything I seen from him. He is amazing at running routes though.
  11. They have stopped coming downhill on defense and are now waiting for things to come to them. We are losing vs a good time but the fundamentals are the main reason it is not scheme related.
  12. he has been constantly doing that **** and its irritating, he gives up on plays quick and stops running.
  13. we need to play richie grant at safety, because these guys not doing **** out there
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