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  1. @vel @Knight of God are they still playing spot drop 3 or are they match ?
  2. Because it puts 8 in the box when you are trying to stop the run and not expose your corners to much man coverage. It should be a late shift to cover three though not obvious.
  3. I died laughing when you said chasing butterflies. Best way to describe it.
  4. In the NFL the ball is always closer to the center of the field because of the difference in hash mark between NFL and college. In the clip above the Offense is closer to the boundary and threw the ball into the boundary. Im not saying Kazee is not at fault becuase like you said there are safeties that make these plays I am just saying it is not something that should be expected.
  5. This was all on Oliver to me, he played bad press technique and got beat because of it, never had a chance. MOF safety is not expected to cap receivers outside the numbers.
  6. The play in the OP was all on Oliver. Bad technique . MOF Safety is not expected to be able to assist outside the numbers .
  7. Let me also apologize to you, I didnt mean to hyjack your thread or start a **** throwing war. I am just eager to talk football x' and o's . If it came off like I am just telling you that you are wrong I am sorry.
  8. The alignment of this defense suggest quarters, that inside linebacker and that safety will have responsibility over the quick game passing. The alignment and cushion of the defense will indicate to the qb what the coverage is, I did not imply the distance is not important but in relation to the slant or any route under 7rds that db with the cushion of < 7 does not have the responsibility of protecting against the slant. Of course when the ball is in the receivers hands they will chase, of course when the ball is in the air assignments no longer matter. The initial alignment of this defen
  9. Again, it was not to gain credibility it was to explain my low post count i dont need to prove or gain credibility from anyone on this forum. Second We been over your point you are assuming that 7 yard cushion is man coverage. You have a Safety sitting in a flat read and a ILB under . Why dont you people try reading before jumping on the "he thinks he knows it all train" .
  10. I just asked you to show me, I pulled that clip because that is the same base defense I run and it is the same yardage cushion mentioned in the Op but im irritated now so **** it. Maybe when football starts we can actually talk ball without people getting in their feelings.
  11. Lets try this again since you seem to be pretty smooth brained, "Next Gen has an interesting stat on Ridley. In 2019 he led the NFL in Average Cushion at the snap. He was given an eye popping 7.3 yards of cushion, on average, each snap. Would really love to see Koetter exploit this by getting Ridley some quick slants etc....seems like an easy way to get free yardage and force the DB’s closer to the LOS. Then hit em over the top " There is nothing wrong with this statement, however the implication is that the cushion given by the corner is exploitable. This is is because for some
  12. Noob ? I have been here almost 10 years. I dont post much because I am a coach, i also didnt search much because this was the first game... in game pass. I am not trying to prove anything other than football is not as simple as you and some of these members try and make it out to be. there is way more involved in coverages in modern defenses than to say if he has x amount of cushion easy run a quick slant. No worries though I wont post anymore enjoy your madden strats.
  13. Look I dont get to have a football season this fall, so this is where my film study is being used now lol
  14. I know how averages work, however when presented with the situation that the OP mentioned which is that is a db is +7 off the line that the quick slant is automatically open well that is just not true. Its more nuanced than this thread implies.
  15. Not with this coverage, that line backer will absolutely destroy ridely if he runs a slant and if he does not the safety will. They are in a split field coverage with the boundary side playing what looks like clamp and the field side playing match quarters. That Apex defender reads hi hat he will immediately start getting wide with freeman, towards the flat, the safety is in a flat read and the corner is in mod. That is not a lot of space at all and will end in 2 ways, ridely getting destroyed or a pick 6. Most NFL teams use some form of triangle coverage.
  16. 7.3 yards off the ball is average and you would be throwing the ball to the apex defender for a easy pick 6.
  17. Well I was waiting to see if anyone else went into more detail. I dont have the time to do a fancy post with photos to show what I am talking about. In short the players were forgetting assignments, not communicating on the field, and not using common sense. Run fits were bad, most of this was ishmal and cambell. Things i saw I saw Ish over run "open doors" that he was supposed to fill and not fill to take on a lead blocker. I also so very slow reaction to what the play was. Same thing for cambell simply taking himself out of plays created huge running lanes. Passing game, I saw Oliver just d
  18. i honestly cannot wait to see how he plays without BB calling the shots.
  19. That i dont think you will find disagreement .
  20. This is a a different conversation and has a completely different meaning vs saying .
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