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  1. Each player at the end of last season, and during the off season gets a development plan of things they need to accomplish in the off season. As long as these goals are met there is no issue. OTA's will help players who did not get that offseason plan from the previous season or are new to the NFL. It takes time to learn to be a professional.
  2. I work in development( microsoft sde), and you dont need to push to hard for certs before getting a job. If anything i would start informational interviews with places and people who are in the industry in your area. This will get your name out or foot in the door. Coding boot camps are nice but do more to learn how to pass a technical interview. You have to put as much time into that as you do learning to code.
  3. What do you consider a hard zone defense ?
  4. Trufant is fine but I wonder why we kept going man in those short passing yard situations. Its like they knew we would be man and hit the route that created the natural pic. It happened 3 times same route
  5. Stepping into his gap then reacting to the pass and dropping into his zone. What looks wrong to you ?
  6. fresh idea's here.
  7. I am only a youth football coach but I cannot believe the **** I am reading in this thread. I swear it is like some of you guys are blind.
  8. Anyone have resources of drills that I can use to drill this into my receivers ?
  9. With a NFL caliber QB i doubt that ball is under thrown enough for him to make a play on it, i see where you were going with it now but i was confused why he should turn his head because at that point you can only play through the receivers hands and break up the pass.
  10. Why would he turn his head he was out of phase ?
  11. The key there is mindset, i dont subscribe to the idea that taking plain jane through a 3 day course will help them when the time comes from them to take action. Shooting is a perishable skill that requires maintenance. Who is going to fund that ? We know that people become complacent after a certain amount of time, let alone be able to have the skills needed to take down a active shooter amidst the chaos let alone with proper shot placement needed for the pistol they will have i would be happy to be proven wrong but I just dont see it.
  12. And what i am saying is, that realistically "highly trained" is not a real thing unless you been in a position to be highly trained in the military, or as a special response officer. We dont have to wait until a situation happens to know how the person will respond you can look at their record and you can pretty much determine the persons level of training. If we are using military experience as gauge. People default to their highest level of training in stressful situations they dont rise to a new level of readiness.
  13. Simple. I was a ammunition specialist for my first enlistment. I used to keep track of how much ammunition my unit would expend for the FY. The SOF units have a larger ammunition budget than most and the amount of rounds we would expend sometimes passed 2 3x that of a typical Army unit. The units who regularly train in these scenarios get more ammunition than other SOF units. Now that is just talking about the resources required but this also does not cover the amount of shooting courses we went to, and I remember training local sheriffs and using our ammunition because they dont get enough ammunition to train with their weapons. Now review the scenario we are talking about, mass hysteria, with a "well armed" shooter in that situation, it takes lots of training to spot the threat, and eliminate the threat without hitting bystanders with your low caliber weapon. Marksmanship, and stress shooting are two different things.
  14. Being ex-military or ex law enforcement does not qualify you to carry a gun as a teacher imo. Chances are when you were active you were not proficient with the weapon let alone years off and becoming a teacher. The idea is just a dumb idea and we should not entertain it in any capacity.
  15. It is a stupid idea.