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  1. What about finding a big ilb and running them as the Sam instead of a hybrid de ?
  2. This is because it is not for you, those motto's are how we teach when you are trying to lead a group of men/people. You have to have etho's and principals that you want your team to reflect and you have to repeat those in private and in media to ensure that you are on the same message. Why does this even bother you ?
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, kinda surprised to see it here didnt realize i added bday info.
  4. This is a drill i was adding for our dline this year.
  5. A couple of seasons being competitive.
  6. when you you say "it works on my machine".
  7. it was not the scheme though that was the point of the video. It was the coaching communication and technique. We even pointed this out early in the year that our defenders were covering grass for a majority of the snaps.
  8. This is true if you are playing spot drop. Also the route concepts are much different now with the proliferation of spread and air raid concepts. You think you are going to be able to man cover a NFL receiver running a mesh route through traffic ? no. Defenses by design are bad at covering crossing routes, its a problem that has not been solved.
  9. what a load of ****. Zone is harder than man coverage, if you still under the belief that at the pro level your eyes are on the qb so you can break when he throws you are mistaken. Zone coverage now is man coverage where the assignment is decided late. IMO man coverage is outdated and easily exploited unless you have a athlete that just outclasses the WR. I think Revis would struggle vs the WR's in the league now.
  10. I assume you mean outside zone ?
  11. I think we will run about the same what we run now but out of a two high look more often. You can disguise more from a 2 high look than from a single high look. 2 high makes you more vunerable to the run though..
  12. Because Debo is to small to be a OLB.
  13. But it was 2 passes that got them the score ... Pass to score, run to win.