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  1. The culture created by those head coaches was mentally weak. They created a mental barrier about the "playoffs" and each time this mental barrier created to much adversity for them to overcome. Fastforwad to Quinn, he teams did fine in the playoffs but their mental breakdown was closing out games you can see the team mentally go "omg not again" late in games and it just created a domino effect of failure. These are all signs of lack of mental toughness which is a sign of a weak culture for a football team.
  2. Honestly 3-4 schematically is the most multiple front to run, if you stunt a 3-4 to strong or weak it just turns into a 4-2-5/4-4
  3. You thinking Iowa 335 with the actual 3 high look and broken stack ? or the regular 335 stack ?
  4. the 40 time was added to help measure players for special teams coverage. Even though people treat it as the end all be all you never really run with the same conditions in a game.
  5. If i had the resources i would conduct a study on the % of veterans that are now police and if there is any correlation to increased policy shootings .
  6. Nah i dont think so. Something I think is the biggest difference between Brady and Ryan is Brady is willing to be the bad guy. He clearly has a edge that Ryan does not have. I could see Brady checking to a run (he did it last night) despite what the call is.
  7. Right, that is not indicative of air raid that is how that coordinator ran it that is all i am saying. You still have the same reads and you still have the same timing for the 5 step and 3 step. He should have learned to read coverages then but it is not required to be decent at running air raid.
  8. Honestly i dont think he needs anything.His approach to coaching is what will carry these players farther than upgrading any one position. We are a really dub low iq football team right now. I think we will see a big change purely from the culture.
  9. 1. Air raid is not fully shotgun. 2. Sarcasm does not always come across in the posts my bad. 3. most NFL teams have the same air raid passing concepts in their playbook. But you were not saying this so its all good.
  10. Dont they run Air raid ? are you suggesting air raid does not prepare qb's for the pro's ?
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