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  1. Because there is a difference between position and role .
  2. That is kinda what I was getting at in another thread. We drafted for a certain scheme, that scheme has passed now we need to draft and get players for another direction. He is at the edge of the pack when it comes to whats next for defense and it was kinda ballsy to try and run it without the players. He will have success in whatever his next role is if he leaves ATL
  3. Our Linebackers suffer in man coverage.
  4. Isnt it sad that we even have to list that as a attribute for professional players.
  5. I would keep Neal. He should be very cheap for what you are getting. Tru could go either way. I would keep Rico he would do better in a role where you dont need to be a incredible athlete.
  6. Neal fits, that overhang safety role if you run something like a 3-3-5 . Rico also fits the role perfect due to intelligence. However you generally want one of your best athletes at that role. Rico and work well as the other safety.(weak safety). Trufant fits whatever you want to run as long as you dont rely on press at the line disruption.
  7. @vel Spot on post dude. The future is "spill and kill" . Maybe people will stop saying we are running cover 3 now ?
  8. I think he just flat out got tricked. He though the back was in to block. Soon as he saw the back stop his feet he got depth.
  9. If that is your goal then so be it.
  10. Im just saying if you fire Quinn you should also fire Jerome Henderson, Jeff Ulbrich, Jess Simpson, Travis Jones, Doug Mallory, Chad Walker, and Aden Durde, Firing Quinn would only be about sending a message to the fans. If that is you goal so be it.
  11. He reminds me of Carroll and if you have read Carrolls book you can see where this is headed. Carroll got fired a couple of times in the NFL before he found the right fit and truely knew who he was a head coach. I see Quinn following that same path if AB lets him go.
  12. This analogy does not work, because what you have is a obvious issue that can take a direct solution. If you have holes you patch them. The Falcons organization or any organization where you have multiple people and tiers is more like a swiss cheese model of failure. It takes a failure at multiple layers to produce a accident/failure similar to what we are seeing for the falcons. HC is only 1 slice of cheese. Removing him does not change the fact that the assistant coaches are still failing, and the players are still failing.
  13. Dont get me twisted here, I am not saying there is no problem with the defense. I do not believe getting rid of quinn will solve anything. It will take a entire staff overhaul to fix what is broken. We will also need to get rid of a few players.
  14. The internet is a big place there is no excuse to be ignorant. I am not paid to teach you football so i will not be teaching you football.
  15. Agreed its that results based business that is keeping our franchise in constant state of flux. It would mean another change, and another 2 year period to see if Julio and Ryan can get it going.