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  1. Yeah, but....he is getting separation to be thrown too......lol.
  2. I was going to at 4 in a dynasty league.... He went 3rd.
  3. We have not had our run yet. I would tell you this about worst case scenario. I think we will run a streak of wins together and end up +10 to .500 ball or so. I also think that will win our division.
  4. These are Matt Ryan's numbers in 4 less games. MVP, Difference maker, and firmly in the discussion for the Hall. For some reason, comp % didn't come for Matt Ryan, so it is - 65.4% for reference.
  5. I am not sure we have watched the same QB then. These are Hasselback's career numbers. No MVP, not a true difference maker. He was a good QB, and never in the discussion for the Hall.
  6. Curve is good, and always has been. If he can command that splitter though, he could be a whole new pitcher. It is a sick downward change looking split. Especially when his fastball is sitting mid 90s.

    2021 MLB Draft

    Very projectable.

    2021 MLB Draft

    A lot of change up specialist for us in this draft.

    2021 MLB Draft

    Does this guy remind anyone else of Steve Avery? His form and longer hair... Hopefully we can get anything close out of him as we did Avery.
  10. I believe this was debunked already. He came in just under 6'1" by the reports I read. If he was between 6'3" and 6'4", he would not be there when we pick. He would most likely end up in the lottery.
  11. Wow, I had not looked into Story's stats this year...
  12. Trade Dansby and Morton and prospect for Story?
  13. Nothing but spinning here. Tried 3 times to get the game on....
  14. Would love to see it... Bally's app is useless
  15. Not sure hw it got so big, and bold....lol.
  16. Ibou Dianko Badji should be around at our pick. I love the fit, and style of his play for our team.
  17. (108) 7'1" Barcelona Star Ibou Dianko Badji Was BORN FOR THE NBA! Senegal Hooper's FULL ANGT Highlights 🔥 - YouTube This kid is projected 2nd rounder. He should be there at 30....🧐. Would love to see him learn from Clint, and be the anchor of the 2nd unit. Play OO at the 4. Man, that defense and rebounding would be crazy good.
  18. This needs to be moved to the Around the NFL Forum....
  19. JDFIII

    Trade Rumors

    He has to prove he is healthy. You can't plug a guy in, have success for a short time, just to scramble to find another guy to fill the role.
  20. After all the Ozuna stuff, it would be cool to have a rotation of 4 guys Acuna, Pache, Waters, and Harris and move each into the DH on some sort of rotation. However, I am not sure if Harris can hang with the other 3 in the OF. I have seen limited info on his defensive prowess. Any place to see that?
  21. Better question, Where the heck is he going to play?
  22. C Contreras - 48th........Wow.
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