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  1. They should be throwing and hitting daily. I agree about getting a short Spring Training, but, it should only be about 2 weeks. I am sure teams are working with players on workout and daily activity plans.
  2. We now have Todd Gurley. I would like to hear if anyone here would be upset if we went with Jedrick Wills, and kick Jake in to the Guard position. This would, imho, give us a great opportunity to be dominate on one side of the ball again. I know we like Gono. I also wonder about our center back up. I hope we look at that position later on in this draft.
  3. Good to have Dedmon back. We now have a good rotation for the 5 spot. We also have freedom to go with the BPA in the draft. I do love the direction we are heading with our Hawks.
  4. I am in.
  5. We can agree to disagree. I think the system has already begun to change, at least in Atlanta. If he is not good, we don't have to worry abou the clock. If he is, we want to get him under contract and buy up those years if possible.
  6. And as I said. We seem to be buying out those arb years on young players, so it doesn't matter as much whether we start the clock on them.
  7. Acuna is a once in 10 year player. They took no chances with him. Bryant hadn't yet tested the resolve of the CBA either. Things are changing.
  8. Seasoning has to do with time. Waters has less years in Professional Baseball. The .OBP are .360 to .340 last year. Pache hit more Home Run in Less over 100 abs last year. I'm not sure why you think I said Pache is the better hitter. In my previous comment, I mentioned that Waters is the better contact hitter right now, but, Pache is showing a budding power game now. He is hitting for more power than Waters, and that is because he is growing into his body. Being on the 40 man has a lot of meaning. Anyone who comes off must be made available to the rest of the league. So, who would you DFA on our current roster, in order to put Waters on there? We also son't have to add him for another offseason beyond this one. It means a lot when you are talking about the rule 5 draft, and designating for assignment someone else. A trade could change all of this too, btw.
  9. Waters is not on the 40 man. It would be much less likely that this would be the case. However, it is not impossible. Waters is a better contact hitter to be sure, but, he is not as seasoned, and seems to swing harder to try and generate power. As he grows into his body, he is going to be a Yelich type hitter. Not sure he will ever develop the power of a Yelich, but, his swing can go to all fields, and he has at minimum deep gap power to all fields. He also does not have the glove that Pache does, although he is no slouch. Waters was in High School 2 years ago. It would be a stretch imho.
  10. This is a statement. We are discussing reasons why we think he may or may not be on the opening day roster. His service clock issues, they are mostly a thing of the past. If he is good enough to be there, then he can play. We are into buying out Arb years anyway, as shown by Acuna and Albies.
  11. He hit .246 last year, and .265 the year before that. His trajectory is not on the correct path. He is a great defender, but Pache is a step above him. He has little power, while Pache is showing some budding power. As far as stunting him goes, that is a player by player thing. It may drive him to work even harder. Not really for us on Message boards to decide. This will be his 5th year in our system. All that to say this, it is all together possible that if he plays well, he could be our opening day CF.
  12. I guess we will see. He is already on the 40 man. If Ender doesn't hit, I believe he will be on the roster. If Ender does hit, he improves his value, and gets traded.
  13. Ender has not proven he can hit consistently. Pache is next in line. His defense is already better than Ender's. I believe if he does play well, he will be in the opening 26.
  14. Pache could easily take over in Center if he shows well with his bat
  15. Adding Deandre and Cam and Our first Draft Pick next year will help. We need a big, and I hear there is one that should be right there for us next year. Enter Wiseman. Otherwise, maybe Anthony Edwards at 2, Hurter at 3, Collins at 4, and Dedmon or Jones at 5. All of the sudden, we are running out of spots to play all of our talent. Hunter could go 3 or 4, and Reddish could too. We can go small with anyone then. the other big that would work around our 2nd 1st rd pick is Zeke Nnaji . He is athletic and has some room to fill out. He moves very well for someone his size.