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  1. This needs to be moved to the Around the NFL Forum....

    Trade Rumors

    He has to prove he is healthy. You can't plug a guy in, have success for a short time, just to scramble to find another guy to fill the role.
  3. After all the Ozuna stuff, it would be cool to have a rotation of 4 guys Acuna, Pache, Waters, and Harris and move each into the DH on some sort of rotation. However, I am not sure if Harris can hang with the other 3 in the OF. I have seen limited info on his defensive prowess. Any place to see that?
  4. Better question, Where the heck is he going to play?
  5. C Contreras - 48th........Wow.
  6. Ummm, that is Julio, correct? He is a starter after all.
  7. Hawks in 5. Nate and staff will use a rotation to bother Randle. He cannot win the series on his own. We have too many scoring options, and they have too few.
  8. Runs like Turner. Big, stout and faster than most everybody on the field...
  9. I like Davis. He is a very good back. Every team wants 2 or 3 though. Davis, Ollison, Patterson, and Brooks-James is our room. That is the genesis of my statement.
  10. I too loved Nixon. I was hoping he would be the guy.
  11. Did we speak to him on the record? Maybe they like his tape and him?
  12. I was just kidding with you my man.😎
  13. Derek Henry. He was the back in Tenn where AS came from... oh, sorry Arthur Smith....
  14. DH clone.... without the break away speed
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