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  1. We need 1 starting Outfielder with pop, best if left handed. We need 2 bench spots filled, if Almonte is not the plan for outfield depth, and a back up catcher, if the plan is no to go with Contreras, or Jackson. Bullpen, and rotation are full. Am I missing anything? I think we could do 1. Albies - 2B 2. Freeman - 1B 3. Acuna - RF 4. LF TBD (Pederson maybe) - LF 5. Riley - 3B 6. d'Arnaud - C 7. Swanson - SS 8. Pache - CF
  2. I think they are going to give AJ Minter the closer job this year. He has grow, and had a great year last year. That allows Jacob Webb and possibly Newcomb spots to fill in.
  3. We also will see who the real leader is during this time. We have to see who wants the ball in these situations. DeAndre is not afraid of it, but, he is not as skilled as Trae. Trae needs to prove he has the guts to take and make during those last 2 minutes. Also, please foul someone when they get a rebound inside 1 minute, and we are down.....****.
  4. We actually play a game tomorrow. I can not wait to see this team, and how they gel. If we get any type of defense from our new guys, we will be dangerous. I am thinking 4th seed.
  5. Spiller is a slower and not as strong Najie Harris.
  6. This is a guy I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on if he is DFA'd. Link: Niko Goodrum went from starting shortstop to non tender candidate (msn.com)
  7. I guess 20/10 guys are a dime a dozen? He also has developed an outside game. I think you underestimate his value.
  8. Cape Cod and other top wooden bat leagues should expand.
  9. https://www.talkingchop.com/2020/10/14/21513516/atlanta-braves-announce-2020-instructional-league-roster-michael-harris-jared-shuster Instructional League invites. I like it!
  10. A buddy and I were discussing Riley. I think we should package him and a prospect and see if we eat Arenado's deal, we could get him. Fill left field, and we have a pretty good squad. I like Riley, but, he seems like he may take a few more years to develop his stroke, and those are prime winning years for us, and FF. I like Ozuna, but, I would trade for Arenado before I would resign him.
  11. I would respectfully disagree on that one.
  12. It is all growing pains. He has shown himself to be coachable through all the changes he has made on the mound. He will have to take his lumps like most pitchers do, so he can learn from it and move forward. 3 years from now, he could be a stud, and look back at last night as a turning point. He could also end up like Folty..... we shall see.
  13. https://twitter.com/BaseballGIFScom/status/1316222867776983040?s=20
  14. I agree, but every surgery is so different. I believe he will, but, counting chickens and all that.
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