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  1. Webb vs. Johnny Stripers Team
  2. Tatas have amazing magical powers.... Just ask Justin.
  3. Far as I know, angles and tackling is about 2/3 of LB. I would like to pass on his efforts to better his tackling for someone like Grace, who already does both of those well, as well as covers.
  4. I vote we use an "opener" and let Newk tee off on Anderson.
  5. In, thx for setting it up.
  6. I truly appreciate this. I am looking forward to seeing the game with a great friend of mine. Thank You!
  7. I am in. Thank you for doing this.
  8. In my top 5 movies of all time.
  9. Welcome back to the rotation Folty.
  10. LOL. we must have been typing at the same time....
  11. I believe he will. He is showing good in AAA.
  12. Not only has his bat to ball improved, but his strikeouts are down a bit and walks are up. His understanding of what they are trying to do to him is getting better. When they used to brush him back, you would see it bother him. That is also getting better. The other thing, he has not yet gone on a tear like he did a few times last year. Wait until he does that over the next 50 games.
  13. We are family around here. when one is hurting, we all are.
  14. I am praying, and will donate when I get paid on Wednesday. I saw this just now, and will continue to pray moving forward. If you need an ear, shoot me a DM.