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  1. This is a sad state of affairs, even if it couldn't happen to a better organization.
  2. Jackson has never been given an extended look. You can't judge a player on less than 50 abs. He is a good catcher with a ton of power. I do agree Contreras is better. I think Contreras is the 2nd best catcher in our entire system. He and Shea should be a great duo for many years, if we keep them both. The only catcher I would place above Contreras is D'Arnud.
  3. Game Day !!!!!!!!!!!🕺
  4. Man, those are some good pitching matchups. Should be a lot of fun. 2 of 3 would be a great start to our march to the World Series!!!
  5. Well, that escalated quickly...
  6. Now this, this we can agree on. 72 is way better than 50.
  7. I can appreciate that. I am fine even if we don't have a meaningful playoffs. I love watching the game. I watch high school, college and minor league games also. I would like to see baseball, in any quantity. That is just my perspective.
  8. I respectfully disagree. I would like to see some rather than none.
  9. 50 is way better than 0.... The season, imo, will have an * regardless, because of the stop start nature of it all. We are suppose to be 2 months into the season after a full spring training by now. Without a full season of games, which is next to impossible at this point, there will always be a *.
  10. I can see your point. He is not a defensive minded player. I wonder if that could be taught though. As my coach used to say, "Defense is all about want to.".
  11. I have prayed for your peace, and your wife's recovery. I have also prayed for wisdom and understanding of the staff in charge.
  12. Top 3 for me: 1. Edwards - Could be a star given the right development. He has the physical attributes more so than anyone else in this draft. Also, the hightest bust factor of my top 3. 2. Wiseman - Has the size and movement skills to be a great big man. Good feet too. 3. Toppin - Ultra Athletic, and a 15 and 10 player as a floor.
  13. This would be a heaven send for all of us. I also think Baseball being the first to start up will bring in a new generation of fans. Here's to hoping.....
  14. Praying still. I hope everything is well with you and yours.
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