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  1. If he owns it, he go for depreciation. The interest paid in the first 10 years of a mortgage is worth losing the tax breaks imho. He should be opening a LLC and creating a SEP. Within the first 5 years of his career, he can set himself and his future family, if he wants one, up for the rest of his lifetime.
  2. The ones here, or anywhere that rail on others for their past, probably do not want others knowing about their own shortcomings. It is typical for someone, with something to hide, to try to shine the light on others faults. I am happy to be forgiven of my past and my future wrongs, and am happy to pass whatever forgiveness is needed on to anyone, including Mike, for theirs. I have no stones to throw, and am proud of how he used his past to redirect his future. Takes a lot of hard work and humility to admit wrong, and apply your decision on a public scale. So glad we are giving these two men their due for their own accomplishments on behalf of our team.
  3. I wonder if he takes over CF, or if they move him to RF. Ender is so good out there.
  4. Da'Shawn Hand intrigues me.
  5. or he struggles to get his share because we have weapons everywhere....
  6. WE do only seem to Trade up Huge for Bama guys...
  7. needs to focus in here.
  8. He will be a 4 for us, but not because he wont be good, but, because we have so much coming int he next 3 years.
  9. So, this is why I think Folty will be a good starter most years, and a few in there he may be great. He has heat and 2 plus offerings, with a third on it's way in his change. Fun to watch him pitch today.
  10. try rogues hazelnut brown. if you like dragon's milk, it will be good.
  11. THey have a ton of different beers. They also distill some nice gin. Great choice.
  12. I see. I knew he was due to come back here really soon. Just didn't know about the Gwinnett stent.
  13. That seems really dumb. Where is Kemp, or did I miss that somewhere?
  14. Worrying about Dansby hitting a fastball is premature. Give the man some time to breathe. Have you heard of small sample size? He was fine last year, and they are giving him a slider away a lot also. The fastballs he has missed will be hit soon. His BABIP speaks to the unlucky nature of the ones he has been hitting.
  15. Yeah, I am fast tracking it. Information overload in some respects, review in a lot of others. Will be glad to have it behind me. I am on the planning side.