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  1. How does Contreras look so far? He is a guy I am excited about, we lack so much in catcher depth in this organization.
  2. Ted said to meet a ball squarely, you must have a slight upswing, as the pitch is coming from a mound at a downward angle. He was, as usual, correct.
  3. I see 13-3. We will only lose to NE, CAR, and TB. We will see the Raiders in the SB, which we of course win.
  4. Imho, the other elephant in the room is, we have been drafting RB consistently over the past few years, and it may make him expendable. He is very unique, but, his style is not the only style that works in the NFL, and more specifically in the stretch game. He and his agent seem to be on the Bell train of thinking. If Hill is good, we may see him gone next year, or the year after, even though I do think we should pay him the top of fair market value. I think the top is 9 per over the next 4. That is stretching it, but, he is also a great back. With the salary cap presumably going up, we could make it work there I think.
  5. Fish eat shiny things.... someone is going to have one **** of a fishing day soon
  6. "Pay that man his money" and let's get on with the season.
  7. Agreed, my point is the potential for them as they come up and get into their MLB careers is #1. They will not be there from year one most likely, but, as our system begins to produce these high ceiling guys, will breed the competition between our own guys, and should elevate the performance level, and begin to attract the kind of free agents that want to win. Pretty exciting, and we don't necessarily need to go get one. We can be patient.
  8. The beltline is pretty cool too. Krogh and such. Worth a lunch or dinner visit imho.
  9. Yeah, 2 years from now with Soroka, Allard, and Touki.....
  10. Patience is a great virtue, but so is striking while the iron is hot.....
  11. If he balls out, as everyone is saying, then he may replace Poe, as he will be too expensive after this prove it deal, if he does indeed prove it.
  12. Right, and they won the Series. My point is, that we are not there yet. Even if we get to the NLCS, the Dodgers would lay us out almost undoubtedly.
  13. IF you want to see what a World Series Contender looks like, then reference the Astros series. We are a year of great moves, or two years of current path from that. Just because we beat the Nationals, and the Diamondbacks, does not mean we are ready for the Dodgers or the Astros. I think we need to sell, let these young guys get some time here early, and look to the next 10 years, not try to get a wildcard this year.
  14. If he owns it, he go for depreciation. The interest paid in the first 10 years of a mortgage is worth losing the tax breaks imho. He should be opening a LLC and creating a SEP. Within the first 5 years of his career, he can set himself and his future family, if he wants one, up for the rest of his lifetime.
  15. I wonder if he takes over CF, or if they move him to RF. Ender is so good out there.