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  1. You don't think for 1/2 a second MS already knew who he wanted? **** yes he did...just like the DC...it will be someone that has had ties with him...forget every other pipe dream Fantasy Coaching team out there...lol...all it is a matter of time to get things worked out. They never wanted Clements...
  2. I want to see Singletary or Spags as our D coordinator....even Raheem would not be bad either. All of them to me would gain the respect of our players and none of them use the Zone D we all have painfully seen for years. Now just want to wait to hear MM gone...would like to have Billick...which I don't see far-fetched...everything you mentioned though is exactly on point as well. The only other thing I hate watching is Turner NOT run! It's like he walks up to the line and says "Yep no hole here ok I will lay down now." He is not a terrible back...he just does not have that burst to get you tho
  3. I follow him too on Twitter...he was clear as day as being sarcastic to have people use what he says as ammo! Hence the LOL at the end...
  4. I'm sorry...I like to see my players talk trash and have attitude...as a matter of fact if they didn't I would wonder. Now, by any means I don't mean like Meangelo...he is just a jackass...but if you are considered one of the best and you are...you earned the right...Roddy has done his share for this team and still will in the future...every one is expendable of course because it is a business...but Julio has not done anything what so ever to threaten the number 1 position...he needs to take it from Roddy. Look at 2-3 years then this question very well could be entertained but Roddy will retir
  5. I personally think it will be our defense that makes the difference...I really like how we are playing right now...and getting better each game...our defense will stop them better then their defense stopping us...just my two cents!
  6. What it sounds like is the FO is handcuffing Ryan...honestly...if you know he can go out there read defenses, call his audibles accordingly...then I would think that year 4...hint 2011...he should be allowed to call what he sees. It doesn't need to be No Huddle all the time obviously but something like they have in Indy with Peyton or New England with Brady where they run the offense but still have guidance from the powers that be...no reason to have a puppet on a string that's not a quarterback that's a game manager. Otherwise, we will always be the same ole predictable Falcons...too many wea
  7. I would like to see any OC that can be open-minded and make adjustments accordingly on the fly and not just stick to the game-plan if it is not working. That to me is the most frustrating from MM. Then when I heard the sound byte of him being asked about being explosive, he was just like huh! That right there as a fan had me pizzed...like really your that ******** that we made a huge move to obtain a Rookie of the Year caliber receiver that should be our deep threat and a Tampa 2 defense that has been around for years now you can't counter-scheme against that! WTF! Then BVG says we were "Jitte
  8. I totally understand your points and pretty much agree with them. I have to put more of my disappointment on the offense. Now by all means giving up 40+ points is not good by any measure. How many times this year has our D stepped up and saved our O. Quite a few times. What I would liked to have seen is our O go out and say hey "our D isn't getting it done today so we need to do it" they never did. Sadly, I haven't seen our O all year long go out when our D is just getting worked step up and either have a shoot out or dominate. And by this I'm not talking about the 2 minute drive wins, I'm tal
  9. As much as I love the Falcons and as much as I don't want to blame an individual...it was OWENS that really cost us a lot...again it was by all means a total team idk wtf to call it. And by all means I h8 to single 1 person out but OMFG Owens has got to go. And as far as the coaching staff is concerned I'm so pissed right now I have no FUKN words to express how the FUK I feel! Sorry guys I need to vent. I Love the Falcons but UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. He!! yes it is. It's a habit when I smoke pork. Plus it helps when my son who is a BBQ sauce fanatic always asks if we are going to have the BBQ meat. LOL! Can't wait to get this Football day started!
  11. I will be drinking Coors Light, Miller Light and Fat Tire to start. Then getting in to some Chips and Dips Ranch and French Onion some fresh veggies, the typical, celery, carrots, tomatoes, etc..., pretzels, bag of mixed nuts, then for the main course gonna have smoked Tri-Tip,Smoked pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ Chicken. Maybe Nachos as well...have to see where or how we feel at the time. HAHAHA!
  12. This is the video right here that will get you pumped the he!! up! I just created my ring-tone for my phone too! In case someone wants to know I used Myxer to create the ring-tone. Falcons Rise Up!
  13. Nah Man...you just turn the surround sound on and scream your arse off at the tv to drown them out! LOL...that's what I will be doing! It could be worse it could be Joe Buck...Aikman's Cowboy!
  14. I like the fact of giving it to Green Bay to start...there will be so much energy going on right in the beginning that I want the defense to take it to Green Bay so that our O can step up and show them how it is done. Then we will get it again to start the 2nd half will just be icing on the cake.
  15. 1 year ago I would have loved to seen either one of them if not both of those guys back their. But with the addition of Robinson and the improvement of Grimes I would not want to change either. Just need to draft some quality so those 2 can teach the youngsters and have some good depth. Also, I don't care what anyone says about Robinson that guy has played very well. People have to forget that he came from a total different type of defense from Texas. Not just play calls but his style as well. We had to train him to do ours and undo what he has learned ever since he step foot in the NFL. And
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