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  1. Who cares what those idiots in bristol ct think? They know whos who in NFCS.The fact is that the Atlanta Falcons are the team they love to hate.Lets keep playing winning football and lets keep raising those eyebrows and let them know that were here to stay!!
  2. Wat lose you talkn bout? oh you mean that win over the ravens!!!!
  3. Great prediction there einstein!!!!!! I bet i can predict whos gonna win the next falcon-bucs game.
  4. Great!!!!! I hope so i wuld luv 2 stay home 2 watch da game.Its not a market game 4 me so i dont hav 2 go out and c da game @ a local bar.
  5. Fellow Dirty Birds!!!! those bums get paid 2 make foolish comments there has beens.They were who they were in their hey day but who gives a crap wat they think.Are boys battle week in and week out and regardless what those idiot analyst think we are on top of the NFCS with a 6-2 record about 2 b 7-2.So let's "RISE UP" falcon fans cause da ATLANTA FALCONS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!
  6. I hope big abe and the rest of the dirty bird defense takes that personal!!!! If were so basic stop us!!!!
  7. Dunta??? as bad as r secondary was last year he was a great pick up for us and the numbers definately prove it.But 2 think that 1 play is goin 2 determine r future is a lil crazy.The ravens receivers aren't as fast as they think they are so that will help out the backfield defense and as long as John Abraham and the rest of the defensive line keep Joe Flacco out of the pocket and out of his comfort zone we should be fine.
  8. Who gives a flyin rats *** what those haters at espn think!!!! I live in connecticut and get no respect for being a falcon fan but after we beat the "Best team in the NFC!" this pass sunday afternoon all the haters were no where to be found.Screw espn!! screw da nfl network!!! yeah i said it!! and all those nfl analyst who week in and week out give no props to the DIRTY BIRDS!!! Falcon fans let's all RISE UP!!!! and let it be known that the ATLANTA FALCONS are for real!!!!
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