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  1. Hate both teams, but if I had to choose, I pick the Steelers.
  2. 30 seconds into the video and all I can say is WOW! This is incredible!
  3. Took them long enough. lol If anyone has a video of it, let me know!
  4. I would freakin love that! Packers this week and the Seahawks next week? Awesome!
  5. I vow to never let my dad watch a falcons game(or any game)with me ever again. Whenever we watch a game together, the team that I'm supporting always loses! It's very frustrating.
  6. Well, it's also highly entertaining at times watching some of these TROLLS here try to find reasons to diss Matt Ryan too.
  7. Matt is a THIRD YEAR QB, and what he's done as a THIRD YEAR QB is f*****g amazing! Don't even try comparing him to Palmer. You don't have any proof that they're equal and c'mon. Everybody knows Ryan is WAY better than Palmer. Please just go back to your little Saints board and stop being so classless. Oh wait, your a Saints fan.
  8. Braves were in the play-offs this season, but got eliminated by the Giants. I have to agree with you about the Georgia Tech stuff. They are everywhere! I don't even like college football.
  9. Trust me. You'll be seeing a lot of red tomorrow
  10. F Dilfer. This whole trash talking incident happened because of him.
  11. You are one classy guy. Merry Christmas, and good luck to your Packers this weekend.
  12. -I pray before the game, during the game, and after the game. -During commercial breaks I play Fur Elise on my piano as many times as I can perfectly. -No bathroom or laptop breaks during the game or even during half time. -If I'm eating or drinking something during the game, they have to be red. If they are not red, they at least have to come out from a red box or bag:)
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